About what never you should ask the man

About what never you should ask the man

You should not ask the man about those things which go to a section with its personal installations. It is desirable to stop trying to deprive it personal space, career, hobbies and meetings with friends.

Any relations assume a set of compromises. Very often it is necessary to agree with what for you is difficult to acceptance. But sometimes the partner goes to far, thinking that he for the sake of love of people has to cross through himself. Sometimes women insist on what men can refuse simply not. There are several things about which you should not ask the satellite.

Not to pay attention to other women

Men will look at other girls even if nearby there is a wife. Men's the organism is arranged so that will not be able to disregard the girl radiating female charm. If to explain in terms of physiology, then any lady in whom "female" is felt will not remain unattended. If the young man ceases to see near himself girls, it speaks about deviations.

For all the time of existence of mankind the reproduction, "fertilization of females" was the main purpose of the man. Only over time certain moral standards began to be imposed.

To refuse the hobbies, career

In terms of psychology, the girl has to support the purposes of the young man, his aspiration something to reach. Men, contrary to the general opinion, often have the underestimated self-assessment, are diffident. If you want them to be respectful to you, proved from strength, motivate them, let know that always support.

Irina Hakamada says that biologically men are suited so that love and the relations for them on the third place. On the first two for them self-realization and a hobby.

To have the same interests, as at you

Each person has a right for the personal space around himself. It consists of habits, hobbies which do life around us to more comfortable. Trying to convince the young man to refuse his personal interests, you interfere in his personal space.

If in advance, before the serious relations to designate personal space, then it is possible to give each other much more. An opportunity to be engaged in the interests allows:

  • it is more effective to restore energy;
  • to relax;
  • to see habitual things from other party.

People who try to find identity in the elect have more opportunities to keep good relationship, to construct strong family. If the personal space is not respected, the conflicts, negative emotions appear.

Not to go out with the friends

Each person has the right to life "out of the relations" therefore you should not ask it to forget about friends. If the girl ceases to see with girlfriends for the sake of the husband, it is her problem more. Very often inertia is the reason of constant pastime in the company of friends. At it the behavior which was before marriage proceeds.

Thanks to communication with friends of people can receive heat and a cosiness if in the family relations there is no it. Researches show if the woman limits a circle of men's communication, the partner becomes passive, irritable and angry. Besides, extreme measures of avoiding of difficult situations, for example, excessive hobby for alcohol and computer games can appear.

To replace to you the girlfriend

If in couple good and cordial relations, then very often without fear many subjects are brought up. However there are such things which the young man will not help you to understand. It is necessary to appreciate desire to help you, but you should not expect that the man will be able to understand how other woman.

 Men have one more feature, they act on a proverb "Listen to the woman and make on the contrary". Usually it occurs if the companion does not carry out the roles, undertakes men's functions, becomes the competitor.

In conclusion we will note, you should not ask the man to make the choice between you and his mother. On the one hand, probability is high that it will be made not in your advantage, with another – your man surely will remember it and to what it will bring in the future – it is unknown.

 Psychologists do not recommend to ask the man to change and be another. If it is difficult to make it, remember more often for what fell in love with the young man. It is possible that the man accepts his behavior, he does not see in it any problems. Excessive imposing of the vision will lead to the conflicts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team