About what to talk on the first appointment

About what to talk on the first appointment

On the first appointment it is necessary to build a conversation so that to manage to know better the interlocutor, to tell a little about itself, but at the same time not to spoil an impression of a meeting. To achieve it, it is important to choose correctly subjects for a conversation.

The main subjects for a conversation on the first appointment

First of all it is worth talking about common interests. The conversation has to go easily and easy – it is very important. You should not turn a conversation into sample interrogation on the subject "What Movies, Bands, Books Are Pleasant to You". It is possible to discuss interesting novelties, to try to find a common ground, hobbies which will be interesting to both of you. Tell shortly about the hobbies and ask on hobbies of the interlocutor. It is very important to do it quietly, at all without criticizing others views and tastes even if they are unclear or not too pleasant to you, differently the risk is high that the second appointment will not be any more.

On the first appointment it is worth talking about the life and the partner's life a little. It is not necessary to tell or learn everything at once – it is necessary to get acquainted gradually. It is possible to say about study or work, about how you spend days off. It will allow both of you to get a better understanding about each other.

It is not obligatory to hold an appointment on a serious note at all. Interesting and even funny cases from your life will not prevent – certainly, only those which will not spoil an impression about you, and will only amuse or will help to give a better understanding of your character and preferences. By the way, exchange of amusing stories will help to define, the sense of humour is how developed at each of you and it will be how easy to have fun to you together subsequently.

What it is possible to discuss at the first appointment

If you feel that the contact is already come and communication goes easily, it is possible to transfer gradually and carefully a conversation to love subjects. On the first appointment you should not speak about the relations with the former partners, about unsuccessful marriages, unfaithfulness and other problems is superfluous. Too it is still better not to affect sexual preferences. And here joint pastime and other important points it is worth discussing your views of a role of the man and the woman in the relations, on romanticism. Perhaps you will understand that your views do not coincide at all, so, to you will be uncomfortable together, or, on the contrary, learn that the period of courtings can quite become for you really magic time. On the first appointment it is possible also to try to tell some plans for the future, but only not concerning the relations. For example, it is better for woman to say not that she plans to marry as soon as possible, and, for example, that she wants to be taught on the rights, to improve the skills, to go to a travel.

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