About what to talk to girls during acquaintance

About what to talk to girls during acquaintance

Some guys at acquaintance to girls doubt whether it is worth speaking on any given subjects. Such doubts are quite explainable, the girl can easily be disappointed, and the second chance will not make the first impression any more.

If you for the first time kept the appointment with the woman, you have to understand that how you will communicate with her, further development of your relations depends. For this reason you have to make the correct impression on her.

Behave relaxedly, but not provocatively. Try to speak openly and sincerely, looking to the girl in eyes and smiling to her. For a start you can tell the new acquaintance about that, what do you do, about the study or work, about some plans for further life. Besides, you can mention that the main thing in life for you is not only career development, but also happy family, and you would like to find to yourself the faithful companion in life. Also you can tell the new acquaintance about what qualities the woman ideal in your opinion has to have. After that your new acquaintance for certain will share with you the plans for the future and reasons concerning the ideal of the man. Such subject is very interesting and will help you to know the interlocutor better.

You can tell the girl about the interests and hobbies. Perhaps, you do any sport or play a musical instrument. Such subject is rather entertaining too, and during the similar conversation you can find out whether you have general hobbies with your interlocutor. Also during the first acquaintance it is possible to discuss favourite music, art, literature, poetry, movies. The conversation about cinema can quite develop into the offer of joint visit of movie theater. Besides, during acquaintance to the girl you can tell her amusing stories from your life and life of your friends. If you have any pet, you can tell also about it as some girls very much love pets. Do not forget that during the first appointment you have to interest the new acquaintance as much as possible. Try to joke more as laughter brings together people.

Except admissible subjects during acquaintance there is also a certain list of inadmissible. A talk about the former relations in a negative context, conversations about a material state, discussion of details of sexual life, too intimate subjects or trite jokes enters it. Girls do not like to discuss it with unfamiliar people.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team