About what to talk to the girl?

About what to talk to the girl?

Quite often guys ask a question about what it is possible to talk to the girl, and such thoughts can arise both at acquaintance, and on an appointment. Of course, often the girl is capable to tell independently everything about herself, but if she is silent, expecting the first step from you, it is necessary to think over everything in advance. Both inexperienced young people, and mature men can face such problems. We want to note that in such situation there is nothing catastrophic if the girl actually was pleasant to the guy, the natural phenomenon - nervousness concerning lack of subjects for communication.

The most important in a question about what to talk to the girl, not to be afraid of her. Self-confidence will adjust her friendly to you. Behave relaxedly, but you do not pass for a decency framework. It is better to be prepared for dialogue in advance, but keep in mind that all the same you should act on a situation, to improvise. If the representative of a fine half of mankind notices that you carefully think over each phrase, it can strain it. Communication has to be the most natural and unostentatious.

About what to talk to the girl - subjects

Initially you should remember everything that you already know about it, from here to draw conclusions, than she can be interested, building, thus, dialogue. Surely do not forget to ask her opinion, girls appreciate when they ask them for the help as they at these moments feel necessary. About what to talk to the girl, even banal is the best of all to use questions most simple: What are you doing? The Answer to this question can open for you the whole veil of interests of the representative of a fine half of mankind. If the girl studies, it is possible to ask at what faculty and whom she is going to work in the future. Of course, if she answers briefly these questions, so the subject is not suitable for a conversation. You should not ask so that the answer can put you in an uncomfortable position, for example: About what we will talk? The Answer to it can put you in a stupor, for example, if you do not understand in literature at all, and the girl suggested to talk about the latest edition of the author popular today. Asking questions, surely listen carefully to the answer, penetrate into a conversation and by that support a conversation.

On what subject to talk to the girl?

It is the often simplest to find a common language to the people having identical interests at least in some sphere, it can be trainings, study, a hobby. The above-mentioned is considered the neutral subjects interesting to both interlocutors. Best of all at communication not to touch upon subjects of personal character. For maintenance of a conversation it is enough to present a small amount of information, also watch reaction of the girl if she became interested, it is possible to continue a conversation if is not present - to pass to something to another. If you have any categorical relation to a certain question, it is better to leave the opinion at itself, especially, if it does not coincide with the point of view of the girl. Talking, always use exclusively reliable information not to look the deceiver. Without knowing on what subject to talk to the girl, you can give preference to the most widespread - movies, music, cinema, literature. Sometimes it is enough to be attentive and you will be able to see hints, for example the book in her hands or a training bag. If you are interested in a question how to talk to the girl about the relations, you should not start conversations of this sort on the first appointment as it will cause the alerted relation in the girl. It is better if she starts a conversation on this subject.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team