About what to talk to the girl of VK?

About what to talk to the girl of VK?

Probably, each guy came up against a situation when did not know how to start a conversation with the girl who was pleasant in network. With what to begin? What to ask? - here the main questions tormenting many representatives of a strong half of mankind to communication with girls. First of all it is worth paying attention to its interests, to analyze a page, to study the statuses and records on a wall. It will help to create approximately idea of the person and you will have many thoughts concerning what questions to ask.

Many guys make many mistakes at communication, and the principle of dialogue is simple, it is enough to be attentive, it is possible to use compliments, but without exercising the wit, to find as much as possible general subjects. Of course, at the first communication it is important to make an impression, and not visual as it was accepted earlier. If the girl is formed and clever, she will not be impressed by a huge number of mistakes in dialogue, writing from capital letter or a name with small, use of a large print, a huge number of smiles, is many is perceived as nonsense and levity.

About what to talk to the girl of VK if you thoroughly studied her page and all her experiences. This huge advantage, it is possible to ask something from her life where this photo was made, having added that it turned out very well, to ask about music and other simple nuances.

About what it is possible to talk to the girl of VKontakte?

It is important to consider also subjects on which it is better not to start a conversation, especially at the first communication. For example, any positive emotions will not cause your mention of the former girlfriend, it speaks about qualities of the person at once. To litter compliments also not to cost as there are doubts concerning sincerity of words at once. A conversation it is necessary for Vestie on the subjects interesting to both interlocutors therefore to the girl who is not interested in sport, cars will communicate not absolutely conveniently on a subject in which she understands nothing at all, and an impression about such man is made as if he is a bore, but not the erudite interlocutor. Thinking about what to talk to the girl in VK exclude a sex subject from the list at once. It is the real taboo, especially at the first communication, to ask questions, to carry on so straight talks on this subject, representing the interlocutor of the partner, at all will discourage at it to correspond with you further. From here at once it becomes clear, for what purpose he writes it also what except satisfaction of the requirements any more interests nothing him.

It is the best of all to show interest in directly identity of the interlocutor. It is a key to a question about what it is possible to talk to the girl on the Internet. Communication has to be the most delicate and tactful without questions of private life. It is possible to talk on detached subjects, for example music or cinema, having invited that its to just come out premiere. The girl by right will estimate if you start a conversation about sights of the city and invite her to take a walk in these places, especially if she did not happen to be there. It is possible to ask about study, work, habits, for example morning run can be continued by in common drunk coffee. Having found a subject about what it is possible to talk to the girl on the Internet, you will be able quickly to transfer dialogue to a personal meeting and to begin with that the relations. Choose easy, interesting subjects which cause positive emotions, for example children, pets, various ridiculous cases, it is possible to write to the girl a joke.

About what to talk to the girlfriend of VKontakte?

Any representative of a fine half of mankind by right will estimate if ask it council in what she well understands. You can take an interest about its plans, dreams, thoughts. These are answers to a question about what it is possible to talk to the girl of VK for the first time or to that which you know not the first day, and also year can.

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