About what to talk to the girl when you walk?

About what to talk to the girl when you walk?

And so, the first acquaintance went off with a bang and came it is time to recognize each other slightly closer. Some guys give in to a meeting and do not know about what to talk to the girl when you walk. There is a wish to leave about itself a good impression and to secure with a promise on the second appointment, and nervousness is so strong that all thoughts from the head take off.

About what to talk to the girl on walk?

Many are interested about what to talk to the girl at acquaintance, the chance to meet the half not only on the Internet, but also on the street, in the old manner is high today. In this case the topic of conversation has to be neutral, designed to probe so to speak interests. Questions of the place of study or work, carrying out leisure and so forth are appropriate. The main thing – that they did not assume the terse answer, and forced the companion to reveal, tell about themselves in detail.

To make communication more sincere and confidential, it is obligatory to joke much, but not to banter. It is recommended to look often in the face and to call by name, but it is important not to be too persuasive. When the first information is obtained, it is possible to pass to discussion of perspective subjects. Not superfluous will be to learn living position of the person, his ideals and aspirations. It is possible to talk about plans for life, the purposes and dreams, to learn whether the girl of the serious relations wants.

Those who is interested on what subjects it is possible to talk to the girl later are recommended to start demonstration of the strengths and progress. Here it is important not to go too far and not to come down to banal boasting. But at the same time it is worth remembering that bores of the woman are not loved too and if there is a suspicion that the companion got bored, it is worth transferring a subject to other course. Anyway it is necessary to behave naturally and to be interested sincerely in the girl's life. She will quickly calculate falseness and affectedness and will understand that the satellite purpose just to drag it in a bed.

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