According to what criteria to select the guy

According to what criteria to select the guy

Feelings - piece irrational and not giving in to a logical explanation in the majority. However, though speak "the heart has a will of its own", it is impossible to forget about rationality or frank not justification of the choice.

"I was once strange, a toy anonymous"

At the very beginning of the relations it is necessary to acquire accurately that to mold something the desirable from the elect will not turn out. Neither to re-educate, nor to criticize. And to present identity what it is represented not to it in general it is ridiculous. Therefore it is important to fall in love with not thought up ideal, a such standard from the future, and quite real person. There is very simple and wise thought "the horse has to be in apples, but not the prince". At the same time it is important to remember what in the person is both bad, and good. Matters what it is more.

"I look in you, as in a mirror"

Whatever it was told about magnetism of antipodes, the girl and the guy have to have a common ground. Common interests, friends, hobbies, views — it is unimportant. Otherwise life will turn into existence in the parallel worlds. If the young man is only able to speak about himself, but not to listen if to him it is impossible to approach, lean and complain that shoes press if it does not like and will not stroke on the head, it will not become that a notorious stone wall. The girl herself also will hammer a nail if necessary, and will earn money moreover and will spend them intelligently. And here the feeling of support and understanding from the loved one is worth a lot.

At assessment of the pleasant guy not superfluous will be to learn his attitude towards mother. It is banal, but this reflection of its manner of communication and with other women. The guy has to respect and appreciate the girl. To be affable, polite and not to forget about trust in the relations. If the guy is able to recognize mistakes or that he does not know something if he is able to accept the help, it is fine. Of course, the persistence and aspiration to independence is magnificent. But not reckless. How the emancipated Europeans, presence at the man of the opinion, feeling exulted that he not led and can lead. If the guy only absorbs, absorbs a sponge, but gives nothing in exchange and only blindly agrees to someone's ideas, without troubling himself imagination and inventing of the, it is worth thinking "what subsequently he will give to children how he will cope with the infantility?". Also such property as ease on rise is important. With the inveterate homebody there can be a feeling of a cage, the pressing four walls. And if he begins to be jealous the girl of her campaigns somewhere alone - absolutely a trouble. Therefore love for travel and thirst for recognition and novelty (without fanaticism) - rather important qualities. Mind, intelligence, erudition. If all this is in the guy, with him it will never be a shame. If all this is combined with good taste, sense of style and vision of beauty, then, as they say, "turn, I take!". Of course, each girl has ideals and criteria which by all means the elect has to have. You should not forget only that complete with them there are sometimes also shortcomings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team