Accuracy — politeness of kings"

Accuracy — politeness of kings"

each of us knows a saying "Accuracy — politeness of kings". However not all know that it is only a part of a saying. Completely this statement sounds so: "Accuracy — politeness of kings and a debt of all kind people". This statement of the French king Louis XIV actually caused rapid development of etiquette in Europe. Since then in society the punctuality, accuracy and the skillful address with personal and others' time were highly appreciated very much.

In the modern world when business processes and relationship reached peak in the development and take place at huge speeds, time-management became one of the most important business skills. What gives us ability to operate the time? A lot of enough influential people consider that time is the most valuable non-material capital which always to be in deficiency. In it time is very similar to other valuable human resource – health. They are the most valuable wealth and, at the same time, a considerable problem. If the person is not able to operate own time, then he will not be able to operate anything and nobody else.



Recently conducted survey of sredimeneger of multinational corporations showed that from hundred managers:

  • Only one has enough time.
  • Ten need ten percent more time.
  • Forty managers need twenty five percent of extra time.
  • The rest lacks fifty percent of time.

The value and true value of time can be understood, having sincerely and honestly answered the following questions:

  1. How do you handle the time?
  2. Whether there is enough for you time?
  3. What means for you time?
  4. What is the time at you remained?

Right now you made the first step on the way to effective management of the time. Think what question made the strongest impression on you and whether you are happy with the answers.   

How often you are surprised to the fact that your working day passed, and objectives are not carried out completely? Do you feel how days quickly run? Do you notice that you are in time nothing and you marvel where it so quickly left time? Add to it a daily stress and loadings and think whether it is time to change this situation cardinally? To become more effective and to work less, and to do any more not such and an impracticable task.

Completely prevent to control the time to us so-called "Absorbers of time". Before starting resolute fight against them, it is necessary to study carefully them and to define what of "absorbers of time" are most brightly shown personally at you:

  1. Shortcomings of cooperation or division of labor.
  2. Lack of self-discipline.
  3. Indistinct statement of the purpose.
  4. The attempt to make is too much for once.
  5. Excessive reading.
  6. Bad planning of day of work.
  7. Lack of priorities in affairs.
  8. Lack of complete idea of the forthcoming tasks and ways of their decision.
  9. Personal disorganization, the "filled-up" desk.
  10. Nasty system of information on problems of your professional activity.
  11. Lack of motivation (indifferent relation to work).
  12. The phone calls distracting from works.
  13. Search of records, memoranda, addresses, phone numbers.
  14. Insufficient control of the entrusted affairs.
  15. Unplanned visitors.
  16. Too rare delegation (reassignment) of affairs.
  17. Inability to tell "no".
  18. Haste, impatience.
  19. Incomplete, overdue information.
  20. Long expectations (for example, appointment).
  21. Inability to finish business.
  22. Desire to know all facts.
  23. Derivation (noise).
  24. Syndrome of "postponement".
  25. Long meetings.
  26. Excessiveness of business entries.
  27. Insufficient preparation for conversations and discussions.
  28. Excessive skill to communicate.
  29. Lack of communication (communication) or inexact feedback
  30. Chatter on private subjects.


Now, when you attentively studied these "absorbers of time", it is time to draw up the plan for fight against them. For convenience we advise you to fill out such table

  • My "absorber of time"
  • The reasons, on which this "absorber" in my life
  • That I can make [br/] for elimination of this "absorber"

You for certain noticed that many of the above "absorbers of time" are anyway connected with rules of business etiquette and in their elimination it is necessary not to forget about the culture of business communication.

Personal disorganization.

This "absorber" not only takes away from you valuable time, but also endangers your reputation and the relations with clients, colleagues and partners. The careless organization of a workplace, documents and personal belongings scattered on a table, impossibility to quickly find the necessary document and many other things demonstrate your irresponsibility and levity. It is well known that an ideal order on a table, in a portfolio, the prepared official papers before the made appointment confirm respect for the partner, promote establishing contact and creation of climate of trust. Therefore properly think of how your qualities will speak to people around about your professionalism and business success.

The phone calls distracting from works.

Many were in such situation when during the responsible conversation, business negotiations or important meetings the phone call, and at the most inappropriate moment suddenly sounds. How to arrive in such situations? The unwritten rule of business etiquette says that during business negotiations phone needs to be switched-off. If the specifics of your work include situations when you personally communicate with the partner and, at the same time, you are very often called, try to adhere to the following councils:

  1. Apologize to the partner, pick up the receiver and only as a last resort, lead a business discussion by phone, and, extremely briefly.
  2. Apologize to the partner, pick up the receiver, explain calling why you cannot talk now, write down phone of calling and call back when finish personal meeting.
  3. Apologize to the partner, pick up the phone and ask calling to wait for phone, having explained a situation. Surely tell for how many minutes it is necessary to wait, and ask whether is at calling such opportunity.
  4. Apologize to the partner, pick up the receiver and ask calling to call back later, having explained a situation. Surely tell, through what is the time you will be ready to speak.

At last, it is worth meaning that the business partner will feel the importance and your respect for it if you do not begin to interrupt your conversation with phone calls.

Long meetings.

 This "absorber of time" is very widespread problem in the modern organizations. According to sociological poll the American managers consider that only fifteen percent of meetings had the valid advantage. Often modern meetings drag on at several o'clock therefore employees are exposed to a severe stress, clash and cannot make the constructive decision.

For holding effective meetings and adoption of rational business solutions it is necessary to set accurately the purposes, to cast participants, to approve accurate regulations and to stimulate employees to fruitful collaboration. Only carefully planned and prepared meeting can yield necessary result.

Indistinct statement of the purpose.

If the person on sets before himself the accurate purpose and hopes on "perhaps", then the probability of success in any its affairs will sharply tend to zero. Also his partners – they suffer from disorganization of the person who does not think over the purpose, as well as the person who did not deign to think over the purpose waste precious time. And time how to be told, is money.

Long expectations.

Germans have a remarkable saying: "The one who is late is punished by life". To be late – means, not to respect the partners. Being late, people steal others time which their colleagues and partners could spend with advantage for business. Encroaching on others time, we will not be able to strengthen the reputation and to create positive image.

Chatter on frequent subjects.

Conversations about private life and chatter on such important subjects as policy, sport or art are normal practice in many companies of the world. However, excessive hobby for this occupation takes away time both employees, and the company. Discussion of a yesterday's football match can drag on on several dozen minutes, having broken thereby important issues. It is necessary to discuss the issues which are not connected with work during a lunch break.         

For total control over the time and creation of the bridge to personal and professional progress it is necessary to develop in itself personal approaches to management of time. Of course, it is necessary to consider at the same time specifics of your business environment, personal biorhythms and features of professional activity. Also we advise you to pay attention to such recommendations about management of time:


         Rules of the beginning of day

  1. Recheck the plan of day.
  2. Be engaged in important and difficult tasks in the morning.
  3. Begin day with a positive spirit.
  4. Having solved rather simple task, create to yourself good mood.
  5. Begin work whenever possible in one and too time.

The rules concerning the course of day

  1. Rationally finish begun.
  2. Reject in addition arising urgent problems.
  3. Fix terms of performance of tasks.
  4. Avoid the actions causing the return reaction.
  5. Control time and plans.
  6. Reserve for yourself quiet time (id: the 276th hour) for important, but not urgent affairs.
  7. Between serious affairs make pauses.
  8. Carry out small uniform tasks series.
  9. Avoid unplanned impulsive actions.
  10. In due time make pauses and observe the measured rate of work.

       Rules of end of the working day

  1. Make the plan next day.
  2. Exercise control of results and self-checking.
  3. Finish not made.
  4. Go home with good mood: for this purpose define the most important positive event of day.

Handle the time as with the health. Protect this valuable resource and respect time of your colleagues, friends and partners. Do so that not time passed by you, and you passed through time! Also you remember that accuracy — politeness of kings

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team