Acquaintance to the newborn: what should be known to young mother?

Acquaintance to the newborn: what should be known to young mother?

After the long-awaited meeting of young mummy with her baby took place, life cardinally changes for both. The woman masters a role of mother, new to herself now, and the child gets acquainted with the world. Besides, together they begin to get used to each other.

The first days and weeks after the birth of the kid for new parents pass in turmoil. In spite of the fact that on the eve of childbirth they re-read a heap of thematic literature, prosherstit all specialized websites in search of useful information, mothers and fathers all the same do not know how to behave and what to do, having remained alone with the baby. 

But all is not so terrible. Just it is necessary to trust in a maternal instinct and the intuition will prompt how to behave. Mother as nobody else knows that it is necessary for her child. 

The main thing, carefully to watch safety of the baby and to follow the simple rules. 

  • Because the immunity of the newborn not completely got stronger before approaching the child and to be engaged in it, it is necessary to wash up hands without fail. And in general, it is necessary to watch very well the hygiene and purity of the room where there is a baby. 
  • Muscles of a neck of the baby did not get stronger yet therefore he cannot independently hold a head. When mother takes the baby on hands, it is necessary not to forget to hold his neck and the head. 
  • You should not muffle up the newborn. Overheating is dangerous even more, than overcooling. It is necessary to watch the body temperature of the kid that to him it was comfortable. He cannot control it. 
  • It is necessary to watch behavior of the child. Change of mood, the increased irritability and tearfulness can demonstrate that he feels unwell. 

If to follow this simple advice and also to listen to the heart, then acquaintance to the newborn will take place successfully, and later a short period of time when mother and the kid get used to each other, it will be possible to be engaged in adjustment of the mode.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team