Advantage and harm of quartz treatment of the house or apartment

Advantage and harm of quartz treatment of the house or apartment

Presently there is a huge number of ways to disinfect the room that it was comfortable and safe to live in it. However the majority of ways inevitably harm the person as sate air with dangerous chemical compounds. Today we will tell you about quartz treatment, we learn whether it is worth using this method of disinfection and also we will talk about its potential harm for health.

For a start it is worth understanding that such quartz treatment and as this process will help with disinfection of the room.

Quartz treatment is a procedure which consists in processing of the room ultra-violet radiation. In the course of quartz treatment the quartz or bactericidal lamp is used. It turns out that by means of light we can clean practically any area from pathogenic organisms. At the same time ultraviolet which, in moderate doses, is not dangerous to the person as daily we receive his dose from the sun is used.

Important! Ultraviolet destroys microorganisms not only on some surfaces, but also in air.

To carry out the procedure of quartz treatment, it is necessary to get a special lamp which will radiate ultraviolet. Such device is on sale not only in the shops connected with medicine. You can buy the device in big supermarkets, or in the shops which are engaged in sale of the equipment.

In the course of the choice of a product it is necessary to consider the power which is necessary for cleaning of any given quadrature. That is, you need to know the area of the room to buy a lamp, optimum on power.

To obezarazhit your housing, apply a melamine sponge and also as detergent on house cleaning use mustard, tar soap, cow's milk, soda.

Further you need to remove from the room of all animals and a plant as the device emits rather strong radiation which can do much harm to living beings. After that it is necessary to put on sunglasses to the one who will switch on and off a lamp as ultraviolet can injure eyes even at incontinuous contact.

After that it is necessary to include a lamp and to leave the placement for half an hour. Exactly in 30 minutes it is necessary to come into the processed room, to switch off the device and to wait before its full cooling. Only after it it is possible to carry out repeatedly processing in other rooms.

Important! After processing by a lamp which radiates ozone, surely it is necessary to air the room.

Separately It is necessary to tell that it is better to use bactericidal lamps as they more powerful and better disinfect the room.

Not for nothing in hospitals use quartz lamps, not only for treatment of patients, but also for disinfecting of tools and also rooms through which daily there pass hundreds of sick people. At the same time it should be taken into account that in such institutions all surfaces on which pathogenic microorganisms can accumulate are regularly disinfected, but at the same time quartz treatment is the only easy and cheap way to destroy microbes which are airborne.

Advantage, first of all, consists in lack of harm. Quartz treatment is not the only way to kill microorganisms, but force of this method is that after processing indoors there is no harmful chemical left therefore the device can be used everywhere.

Whether you know? Not only microbes, but also blood-sicking parasites, such as fleas, ticks, bugs are afraid of ultraviolet. After processing of the room ultraviolet even their eggs which have immunity to chemical means will not survive, and adult individuals either will die, or will leave the house.

Also it is worth remembering that in the course of cleaning of the room you can go about the own business.

Ultra-violet radiation kills all microorganisms, doing the room sterile therefore use of a bactericidal lamp is just necessary if in the house there is a sick person from whom microbes can strike healthy family members.

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It is worth remembering once and for all that solar ultra-violet radiation cannot be identified with that which is radiated by a lamp. If you ignore instructions and decide to sunbathe near a lamp in processing of the room, then at you the chance of appearance of a malignant or benign tumor will increase ten times. At the same time, if presence of tumors was diagnosed for you, then at contact with radiation their growth will accelerate many times.

Whether you know? A human eye cannot see ultraviolet rays because of existence of a cornea and an outer sheath, however at treatment of a cataract the cover of an eye is removed because of what the person receives ability to see ultra-violet radiation, but only in the small range. Ability to see these beams pigeons also have.

There are lamps to which to instructions it is written that when processing the members of household can not leave the room. However it does not concern those who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, elevated pressure and also from an allergy to the sun (ultraviolet).

Above we wrote that the person who will include or switch off a lamp has to put on glasses. Complete with a lamp, special glasses, however have to be delivered if they are absent, you can take usual sun-protection. As usual sunglasses not bad protect eyes from ultraviolet, they can be used and in this case.

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Before inclusion of a lamp it is necessary to close all doors and windows that ozone which marks out the majority of devices did not spread on the house. The problem is that ozone though is excellent bactericidal means which kills microbes and mushrooms, but in a large number it is dangerous to the person as it can cause heart troubles, lungs, or dysfunction of the immune system.

If the room which is subject to disinfection has the big area, then there is a sense to carry out processing in several steps. At each stage a certain site of the room is irradiated then the device moves to other place. For carrying out similar manipulations it is necessary to allocate a lot of time as after half-hour work the unit has to have a rest about 40 minutes.

Important! As well as in a case with a usual lamp, quartz strongly heats up in the course of work therefore it cannot be touched at all.

Now you know why carry out quartz treatment that it gives and why it is better, than chemical treatment. Remember that devices for disinfection of the apartment cardinally differ from those which are used for treatment of the person therefore do not experiment at all.

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You should not get \from a lamp as you cannot precisely know that they will really disinfect the room.

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