Advantage of kisses

Advantage of kisses

Not for nothing doctors prepare - ""kiss the darlings more often"". You receive huge advantage from kisses.

From kisses there is a lot of advantage - a psychological shake-up, improvement of relationship and ten more advantages! 1. The kiss is an excellent training of all facial muscles. And consequently 5 minutes of kisses a day - fine wrinkles medicine.

2. The kiss helps to oxygenate a brain. The kiss increases pulse to 150 beats per minute and consequently heart pumps over almost liter blood more and the brain receives more oxygen.

3. Kisses improve immunity. During a kiss there is an exchange of bacteria. The immune system of the person begins to fight against ""others"" bacteria and consequently something turns out like ""inoculation"", and the person is less subject to diseases in the external environment.

4. Kisses improve dental health. At kisses the formation of saliva which contains phosphorus, calcium and antibacterial substances is stimulated. So, the possibility of development of caries decreases. Also, the kiss is ""massage of gums"", so he helps to struggle with periodontosis. 5. A kiss - a method of fight against a hiccups. As at kisses the muscle of a diaphragm relaxes and you distract, transfer attention to other object - and the hiccups passes. 6. Frequent kisses - healthy heart. Kisses normalize arterial blood pressure, and even - reduce cholesterol level in blood! 7. Kisses - rescue for allergic persons. Long kisses reduce histamine level in blood. Namely the histamine causes development of allergic reaction. 8. We grow thin with kisses. During a 2-minute kiss burns from 2 to 6 calories as the metabolism in an organism accelerates twice. Kiss more - and grow thin. 9. Kisses improve relationship. During kisses, ""attachment hormone"" - oxytocin is produced. So the more you kiss - the closer you to each other and experience more positive emotions in the relations.10. And of course - kisses lighten the mood. During kisses you begin to breathe more often and more deeply - so receive more oxygen. The more oxygen receives an organism - the more the hormones lightening the mood are produced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team