Advantage of reading books

Advantage of reading books

Since childhood we hear what should be read more because all educated and intelligent people act this way. But what specifically advantage of reading books, for some reason nobody specifies. Maybe you should not spend time for browsing of dusty pages, and to occupy it with something more interesting?

Advantage and harm of reading books

At first it is worth dealing with beneficial influence of books, not for nothing speak about it very much.

  1. Reading enriches a lexicon. Opening the book, you have a unique opportunity to plunge into the world created by the writer, to meet absolutely different people, to learn about different styles of the speech and expressions, characteristic of them. So reading much, it is possible to train the wit and eloquence.
  2. The book – the best exercise machine for a brain. While we read the book, the brain performs very important work – analyzes the arriving information. We estimate character of characters and their action, we predict acts and we predict succession of events, all this provides a pleasant and effective training of a brain.
  3. Reading aloud – advantage for diction. A problem with the speech – quite frequent problem, we swallow the terminations, we chatter, indistinctly we say sounds, incorrectly we use intonations. All these problems can be corrected, having got a habit to read aloud with expression.
  4. Concentration improvement. When the interesting book comes across to us, cannot distract neither noise outside the window, nor phone call. The developed ability seriously concentrate can improve quality of work or training.
  5. An opportunity to communicate to the child. When day passes in efforts, time for children is very little. Therefore the advantage of reading aloud before going to bed will be double – and the child put bed, and find time for it.
  6. Increase in self-confidence. Reading helps to broaden horizons and to improve skills of communication, quite naturally, as self-confidence will grow too. It is much simpler to argue the point of view when there is an opportunity to make it with deep arguments.
  7. Removal of tension. Sometimes there is a wish to change urgently scenery to adjust to a positive harmony after hard work or a quarrel, but it not always turns out. The book can become in the great way to distract from the current problems, having borrowed think of plot artful designs.

What advantage of reading books, did we understand and what can be harmful in this hobby? Of course, one may say, that books can impart the wrong views of the world, force to live imaginations, but it is a lie. Business here not in literature, and in ability to process information. The valid harm is born by low-quality books. The flat plot, unreasoned images and bad possession of language means will force you to waste time for nothing. You should not expect salutary influence like a training of a brain or improvement of skills of communication from such literature. Therefore before undertaking the next best-seller, think whether is at you for this time as good advertizing very seldom corresponds to the same contents.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team