Advantage of smoking

Advantage of smoking

So, what can be advantage of smoking? And whether it is the myth, thought up by smokers?


Let's consider the problem from the psychological point of view. In the modern world there are a lot of irritants, and as a result of their influence the mentality of the person suffers. For example, at work – failures, houses – dissatisfied family members, bad weather, eventually. Reasons for a stress are enough, and, as we know, smoking – a peculiar method of removal of tension. Moreover, dragging on, the person immediately habitually relaxes, and together with smoke releases all that negative which manages to collect in it. In such aspect advantage of smoking of cigarettes on the person.


Strangely enough, health will be one more of the most important indicators of advantage of smoking. Scientists proved that at the smoking woman with an experience much less chances to appear in hospitals for patients with cancer tumors. By researches it became clear that it appears, nicotine has anti-estrogenic property which, by the way, besides and weight holds normal.

Moreover, there is one very serious disease to which pregnant women are subject. It is an eklampsiya. The disease is heavy the fact that the lethal outcome is possible, both for the child, and for mother, and still today is not clear what reasons serve as a push to an eklampsiya. Only one is proved – at the smoking women before pregnancy the disease does not arise. Therefore to think whether there is an advantage of smoking, sometimes after all costs.

The advantage of smoking of cigarettes still consists in pressure decline at smokers therefore in that case hypertensia does not threaten fans of tobacco products!

In favor of smoking it is possible to tell about special effect of nicotine still: this substance is capable to reduce an intestines vermicular movement, or in other words, to reduce processes gas generation. The most interesting that several smoked cigarettes can reduce even diarrhea, and it even not always can do to tablets and the thing is that reducing a vermicular movement, nicotine also promotes formation of slime on intestines walls, restoring thereby the necessary microflora. And ulcer colitis develops at smokers much more less than at non-smoking people.


Probably, many doubt advantage of smoking of a grass, however in normal doses smoking promotes development of immunity of the smoker. It affects appearance in the following way: herpes not so often arises therefore the absence of "cold" on lips has to please only, besides, at the smoking young people the anti-inflammatory property of nicotine reduces manifestations of acne rash, and also rashes of allergic character.

Of course, the advantage of refusal of smoking is too, especially if the smoking person does not know when to stop, but smoking can help with reasonable quantities to the person, but not worsen his state of health.

Smoking of a grass

One of the most interesting questions which can concern youth, probably, sounds approximately so and whether there is an advantage of marijuana smoking? So, marijuana was long since used in medicine as the soothing, weakening means, however consumed it generally in the form of tinctures. If, for example, to aim to find out whether there is an advantage of smoking of hemp, then the answer will disappoint fans of this grass more likely. Hemp, hemp, marijuana though do not cause strong dependence at once, however possess a peculiar "mindnumbing" action. At the people considering that from smoking of a grass there is an advantage, and smoking constantly hemp or any other species of a grass the gradual intellectual degradation therefore it is better to understand for himself at once that the advantage of smoking of hemp cannot be is observed.

Smoking of a hookah

And here in what doctors meet unanimously, so it that it is better for heavy smokers to get used to smoking of tobacco through a hookah. The advantage of smoking of a hookah is that smoke, passing through tubes and liquid, is cooled and purified, thereby does not irritate mucous throats that helps to avoid so-called cough of the smoker.

Well, what advantage of smoking whether you need to smoke or better to throw – all these questions remain for your consideration, it is possible to notice one – everything well only moderately therefore if all of you smoke, choose such norm which would be useful to you, but did not do harm.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team