Advice to hostesses

Advice to hostesses

return to towels purity

Kitchen towels quickly become useless. Expensive laundry detergents not always help. There is a solution! In a basin with cold water table salt – 5 tablespoons is dissolved. In this solution towels are presoaked and are left for the night. In the morning of a towel are erased in the usual way, it is possible without use of detergent.

Easy way of removal of whitewashing

It is impossible to call such work easy. But if to make everything, properly, that it is possible to cope with an objective for a short time. For a start properly humidify walls. For this purpose use the roller (an alternative – a spray). In half an hour take the wide pallet and get to work. Remember: the stronger the wall will be moistened, the quicker you will cope with a problem.

Liquid ammonia against pollution

It is rather simple to remove strong pollution on suede footwear. Soap water to which alcohol was added will be required.

And any smell from footwear

Vinegar will help to win against an unpleasant smell of footwear. Arm with cotton pads, soak them with vinegar, place them in footwear and leave for the night. Do not forget to air footwear in the morning.

And here to owners of office, we will advise to buy antisplash rugs, then your clients will see clean and cozy office

The lemon will save clothes

You are upset with rust on clothes? Do not despair, it can be saved. Lemon juice will be required. Moisten with it the problem place and a poutyuzhta. Repeat processing of the polluted place a citrus. Further wash in the usual way. It is possible to use a lemon segment, apply it to the polluted place. That's all! The way is simple, but is effective.

Let's hide greens in the fridge

In order that greens were longer stored, miss it via the meat grinder or small chop and send to the deep freeze.

Vinegar for hands

If dirty work after which it will be heavy to put hands in order is planned, then in advance moisten them with vinegar.

Aluminum pans will be helped by potato cleanings

Aluminum pans lost primitive gloss long ago, so it needs urgently to be returned. Potato cleanings or an apple peel will help with it. It is enough to boil a pan together with food waste, and dirt in a few minutes will recede.

The most tasty potatoes

That potatoes did not burn to a frying pan it is necessary to cut at first before each frying potatoes, then to wash it with cold water and it is obligatory to dry. Thanks to it it ceases to stick to a frying pan and also slices among themselves do not stick together. Not less effective cunning: before pouring out potatoes on a frying pan, at first warm in it oil and only then start frying. To Solita potatoes right at the end, one couple of minutes prior to removal of a dish from fire: so it turns out extraordinary crispy and ruddy.

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