Advice to lonely mother

Advice to lonely mother

Mother who one brings up the child, not such unusual occurrence now. The reasons for that there can be great variety, but result always one – the woman one with the child on hands.

To cross on private life – no!

Many single mothers put an end to private life at once and entirely give themselves to the beloved child. Such behavior is unacceptable at least because then it will not be estimated by the child, mother living them to obsession does not cause respect in the opinion of the child. 

Any excessive guardianship

Thanks to ultraboundary guardianship the child can grow up weak-willed and dependent. Subsequently it will be very heavy to it to live in society, to start the family.

Not all men are bad

Whatever difficult the divorce was, it is impossible to live by the principle at all "all men – such and syaky". Especially it concerns mother with the daughter, such behavior model will cast the wrong reference points and it too.

Search of assistants

To get on well at the house, to earn money and to be engaged in the child of one – a heavy mission and not to manage unaided. Mother should not hesitate to ask to be helped neighbors, friends or relatives, the wide range of communication is useful also to the child. 

"Men's communication"

Communication with men does not harm either boys, or girls. Both need to see a role of the man in family and in society therefore mother can ask someone from the close circle of contacts about the help. 

Remorse is not necessary

Usually lonely mothers torment themselves with a remorse for the fact that could not keep family. But they are obliged to remember: not so important because of what there was a divorce, it is important now – how to live further. Mother only loving knows how to create all conditions for the child it is better, than both parents who are eternally occupied with quarrels.

Not to feel sorry for time for the child

Communication with mother is the most important for the child, and it to it will not be replaced by nurses or relatives. Therefore the working single mother needs to find time to spend it with the child.

The child needs the truth

On inquiries of the child about the father it is not necessary to invent fairy tales, sooner or later all secret will become obvious. It is just necessary to try to tell the version of, closest to the truth, why the child has no father.

Bad about the father it is not necessary

Whatever the child's father was - it is not an occasion to say about it scurrilous things at the child. It is better to answer something with silence or the truth which is slightly softened owing to age of the kid. 

To love the child – the main thing

This most important for all children and exactly thanks to love they also grow up happy. Mother should take always care and to show that the child means to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team