Advice to parents of teenagers

Advice to parents of teenagers

It is known that the teenage period critical in the child's life. It with horror is expected by all parents. But it is very difficult for the teenager, sometimes not all cope with it. Further advice which will help parents at communication and finding of common language with ""rebel"" will follow.

At this age children give a life assessment to the parents. Teenagers, especially girls, begin to discuss behavior, an external image of the teachers, aunts and parents.

Mutual understanding - is very important at relationship with the child. It is impossible to harbor a grudge at the kid at all. It is impossible to try to grant all desires of the child, but at the same time it is impossible to press on his requests. The more you press and ""you suppress"" desires of the child, the more they at him appear. If the parent does not want to execute desire of the child, it is necessary to explain to him why. Children always have to feel parental love.

Children appreciate mind, abilities and abilities of the parents. The father is able to repair easily different things, plays sports, and mother is able to cook well, stylish puts on, tells about the interesting things occurring in life. Similar examples have very positive impact on children, especially on girls.Parents first of all have to care for physiological and spiritual health of the child. This factor plays a special role in the teenager's life. It is necessary to teach him to bases of knowledge of an organism as it is correct to do physical exercises, to impart love for sports, to help to be guided with this sphere. The main thing that the child understood that the healthy person who is overflowed by physical and spiritual energy will be happy.

Pay attention to that, what is the time you can give to your child. On sociological polls found out that the most part of adults gives to the children only 1.5 hours in 7 days. It is necessary to think, than your child during free time is keen.

Try to go hiking more often with children, on various actions, in theater, cinema. The more pleasant impressions - the better for the child.

Do not give moralizing lectures, all the same nobody will listen to them. It will be uninteresting to teenagers.

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