Advice to the young wife

Advice to the young wife

A lot of things in family life depend on the woman. Whatever independent the man was, he in many respects depends on the woman. She is a director and the screenwriter in family life. The complexity is that it has to do it not busily, tactfully.

The woman is responsible for weather in the house: well-groomed children, a tasty dinner, purity, an order and a cosiness in the house depend on it. The careless wife, dirt and a disorder will hardly please the father of family. But here it is important to observe golden mean: you should not turn into the eternal housewife anxious with pans, frying pans, children and the husband.

Never it is necessary to forget about himself: hairstyle, clothes, appearance. Be not accustomed to walk in the favourite dressing gown at home. Put on simply, but it is lovely in clean, tidy clothes. Do not forget about an easy make-up. If the woman is not interesting to herself, she will not be interesting and to other person. In particular, to the elect. Try to be demanded at work, but be not overzealous.

On the first place anyway there has to be a family. Be interested in news, fashion, the latest discoveries of scientists, sport. Generally, everything that is pleasant. Do not forget about his hobbies, support and be interested in them.

Be able to listen: about work, about policy, about soccer, the new amazing fighter. Listen with sincere interest, be aware of events.

Do not sort out the relations with the husband at strangers, especially do not humiliate and you do not shout at it at other people. Remember that it needs to be done confidentially, without attracting to it relatives, children or friends.

Never you speak badly about his parents and other relatives. It will be unpleasant to it. Better tactfully keep silent.

Be not accustomed to reproach the husband: first, he also will understand the mistake, secondly, will be grateful for the tactful and delicate relation.

Do not forget to praise the husband for what he made on economy, for the help, for its achievements, efforts and abilities. Be able to be grateful. You tell him the words of gratitude, the word of love.

You ask the husband about the help, do not try to make everything independently. Sometimes the woman has to be weak and defenseless.

Try to be beautiful and charming, loving and patient.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team