Affirmation from Louise Hay for all occasions"

Affirmation from Louise Hay for all occasions"

In psychology there is such concept as affirmation. In fact, this short saying comprising installation which positively would influence life and a psychoemotional state. At repeated repetition it is fixed in subconsciousness of the person, and the desirable is turned into reality. Louise Hay was the author of many known affirmation.

Louise Hay

Louise Hay was born in Los Angeles on October 8, 1926. Subsequently she became the famous writer and the public figure. On its account more than 30 books on psychology, belong to it authorship of the known affirmation for every day for women. On the 91st year of life Louise died in a dream in own house in California. There was it on August 30, 2017.

The glory came to it at quite mature age, and the beginning of life did not foretell anything good: the intimidated, half-starved child deprived of parental love who endured psychological injuries and physical abuse. At teenage age — difficult tests and serious mistakes. Further work in model business, apparently, a successful marriage, but, alas, again treachery, disappointment and loneliness.

And here the case which became the beginning of "lifework": Louise attended a lecture on psychology at which it was told how events in human life and his thought are interconnected. From this point she begins to study popular psychology, attends congresses of "the First Church of Religious Science" in New York, gives lectures, advises. Several years of work later there was "A reference book of the psychological causes of physical illnesses" with statement of models of thinking for recovery published then in the form of the brochure "Heal Your Body" ("Cure the body").

Whether you know? The best-seller L. Hey "You Can Heal Your Life" was republished in the USA more than 100 times and also is translated into 30 languages and published in 33 countries. The general circulation of this book exceeded 50 million copies.

"help with her books and numerous publications united by the general subject to yourself", it is told about personal experience of overcoming complexes, about own treatment from the hardest disease.

Philosophy of life of the famous psychologist and author

Perhaps, thanks to very difficult destiny, this woman could construct own vital philosophy which kept it life, helped to win against cancer without the aid of medicine. The main vital credo around which all philosophy of Louise Hay is constructed was: "Never, under no circumstances it is impossible to criticize himself!" She was sure that it is impossible to intimidate itself by bad and unpleasant thoughts, considered that to itself it is necessary to be generous and patient. It is important to realize and fall in love with the shortcomings. It is also important to care for the body, to properly eat and support it by physical exercises. Louise Hay considered that positive thinking cures every day as a body, and I smother. Louise connects the causes of various diseases with incorrect acts and thoughts of people. For health and happiness, according to Louise Hay, it is necessary to include three basic installations in everyday life:

  • affirmation;
  • meditations;
  • healthy healthy nutrition.

Important! One of the philosophical principles of Louise Hay says: the way to healing lies through forgiveness. Only having looked back to the past, having understood and having released longtime offenses, having cleaned from negative thoughts, it like love for people around and found the healing from a heavy illness. From the medical point of view there was a miracle: 6 months of work on herself on this plan later Louise completely got rid of cancer.

Affirmation for every day

The most important merit of Louise Hay — cycles of affirmation — the formulas of auto-suggestion fixing the required image. The basic principles on which affirmation are constructed:

  1. The person himself is responsible for the health and life.
  2. Positive relation to life and all surrounding.
  3. Considering large volume, we bring some of them. For convenience they are broken into groups according to various spheres of life.

For health

  • My body likes to be sound!
  • I am healthy, more than ever before!
  • All my bodies work perfectly!
  • I am able to care for myself!
  • In my blood there is vital force!
  • I constantly look for new ways for improvement of a body!
  • My body does everything possible for maintaining excellent health!

It is no secret that it is better to protect health from the youth. The all-strengthening exercises, a mobile way of life, a balanced diet – these measures are capable not only to keep beauty, but also to strengthen immunity.

For love

  • Life is joy, and it is full of love!
  • I love also I am loved!
  • My life is filled with love!
  • My heart is opened for love!
  • I love and I accept the relatives such what they are!
  • I forgive all for old mistakes. I release them with love!
  • I was born to learn that only the love exists!

For self-esteem

  • I begin to understand what I am a wonderful person!
  • I love myself and I rejoice to myself!
  • I — fine creation of Lord!
  • I love and I appreciate myself!

For money

  • I provide myself to all necessary!
  • I stand on the own two feet!
  • I lead worthy life, quietly and joyfully!
  • My income constantly grows!
  • I am a monetary magnet.

Whether you know? That from affirmation there was a sense, it is necessary that they entered your daily use, became a habit. From the point of view of psychologists the habit at the person is formed within 66 days. After this term any given actions begin to be carried out automatically.

For spiritual development

  • I possess a strong spiritual bond!
  • I feel the unity from the Universe!
  • My heart is opened. Through forgiveness I comprehend love!
  • I completely trust lives!

For working climate

  • My work brings me satisfaction!
  • My income constantly grows!
  • I work in the harmonious atmosphere!

Overtime work, by results of researches, increases risk of development of cardiovascular diseases, depressions, interrupts a sleep, worsens the relations and private life.

For creativity

  • I can quietly grow and be improved!
  • Everything that I do, brings me success!
  • I expand the opportunities!

Whether it is possible and how to create the affirmation

It is possible to find a lot more remarkable phrases in Louise Hay's affirmation. And it is even better to create the: to whom how not to you, it is known better of what you want?

There are several recommendations to which it is worth adhering when writing affirmation on health, work and other subjects.

  1. Begin each phrase with pronouns "I", "mine".
  2. Affirmation has to point to what you want, and not vice versa.
  3. Affirmation has to be short, concrete and concern only you.
  4. Making a phrase, use the words causing in you original emotions.
  5. The phrase should be written only in the present.
  6. Never apply a particle "not".

Important! When pronouncing affirmation your feelings and feelings have to coincide with their contents. It is necessary to say them it is involved emotionally and also without doubts and negative thoughts.

Made? Now repeat as often as possible where only you can, and your formulas of self-esteem will begin to work. Affirmation can say about herself or aloud, to write down on paper and even to sing. Follow Louise Hay's advice which continues to live and bring the benefit. Also remember — only you are responsible for the life and the health!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team