Agate wedding (14 years)

Agate wedding (14 years)

14 years of matrimonial life are designated an agate wedding.

14 years of joint life are designated an agate wedding anniversary. This name with an ulterior motive refers to a beautiful stone which is surprising, both is extremely fine, and has multiple mysterious properties. Agathe in itself something reminds the life of spouses proceeding during this time and acts in this case as an illustration, a symbol.

Agate is the semiprecious stone covering in the depth something mystical, secrets and riddles. From color a streak that intricately intertwine in a stone core, patterns are formed – married couples can begin morning of a holiday with study them. It reminds guessing on a coffee thick – not clear figures seen in the depth of agate generate various associations, feelings to which it is necessary to listen. It is quite possible that they predict to you future happiness and good luck on long - for many years.

It is possible to present this "guessing" as a kind of test – those married couples who noticed identical images in a stone, already reached mutual understanding at the subconscious, deep level. If the result of fortune-telling is far from it is well, to them a weight more interesting is necessary. 

In 14 years of the spouse lived side by side, apparently, can study the friend to the friend entirely, but according to representatives of many of the matrimonial unions, they constantly notice new qualities in the partner in life. Precisely as with agate – the drawing in a stone seems live and constantly changes. Also patterns of a course of life of two spouses who connected destinies are also various. As well as drawings of agate, their days are painted in different tone. And in accuracy as well as agate, formation of the good marriage union is a long and labor-intensive process.

Something from a natural stone will be the best gift – both figurines, and fountainlets, and decor elements which will help to bring something new in an interior will approach – it is possible to accompany such gift with the corresponding wish. Decorative compositions will help to decorate walls and will present to the house a special cosiness. Chess from onyx symbolizes success and will help to maintain prosperity with family.

The choice of a suitable gift can sometimes nonplus. The spouses celebrating the 14th anniversary of joint life should exchange among themselves the corresponding gifts – agate jewelry, accessories, any products which adequately look for such considerable term as 14 years of a wedding. 

The gifts suitable women are presented in various options – first of all it is various jewelry, hairpins, rings, bracelets, earrings, etc. For the man it is possible to choose a set of elegant cuff links, a design photoframe which will perfectly look on a desktop. The bracket clock and ashtrays with inserts from stones, or perhaps an author's cup or the daily log in a decorative cover will approach.

The gift which the owner will be able to carry with himself constantly – according to some information is considered good option, agate has absolutely special power. It can influence aggravation of an intuition, provide internal tranquility and smooth unnecessary emotions that will allow to consider many of difficult life situations more built. Agathe it is capable to enhance also sexual appeal, and for such term of matrimony it can render pleasant important addition. 

So, you should celebrate significant date – 14 years of a wedding. But the people should not hurry and invite a heap yet – better to reserve magnificent celebrations till next year and to celebrate agate anniversary not really loudly, perhaps, and just in the family circle. By this time children already grow up so to have an opportunity for you to be glad, and parents are quite vigorous to keep you the fine company. An excellent occasion to gather all family, to communicate and share heat of the family center.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team