Age at which the woman does not need men any more

Age at which the woman does not need men any more

The age at which men cease to interest the woman at all comes differently. Most of experts considers that it is not norm and to the woman is vital to feel attractive to an opposite sex till last days.

Why the woman ceases to be interested in men

Each woman has a confidential age at which achievement the men become indifferent for her. Uniform age standards in this case do not exist. Some lose interest in an opposite sex after the physiological changes connected with a climax. Recently more often it is necessary to face young women who are slightly more than 30 years old, but they look tired and are not interested in men. 

Experts claim that such changes in life do not need to be justified with growing, aging. Physically healthy woman feels the need for love, tenderness till last days. It is not about sexual aspect of life. The man is not only sexual object which is necessary for satisfaction of own requirements. The real man is, first of all, a support and support. The need to be favourite, attractive has to remain throughout all life. 

Often women refuse personal happiness and the unsuccessful last relations or chronic fatigue, focus on some problem or daily affairs can become the reasons. If earlier deceived, betrayed, there was a disappointment in love, it is possible to be closed for a long time. Men do not become interesting as there are fears again to be rejected and betrayed. Experts call such behavior a peculiar psychological protection. The woman ceases to trust men, to look for partners and even mentally does not want to present that there is the one who is ready to fall in love with her. Payment for tranquility of ice heart can be very heavy. 

The age at which men do not become necessary at many comes after the child's birth. It is relevant both for the married, and for lonely women. In the first case there are thoughts that the program is executed and there is no need to be attractive, to fight for attention of darling. If the woman is lonely, after the child's birth she has a set of cares. There is just not enough time for search of men, for flirtation. Chronic fatigue is capable of some time to force to forget about private life. 

Age and physiological changes in an organism

There are also physiological reasons of loss of interest in men. The sexual activity begins to decrease already during the period preceding a climax. For many women this stage comes after 40 years. It is followed by sharp differences of mood. Sometimes there are headaches. Production of the estrogen which is responsible for sexual desire decreases. Sex can be present at life, but it does not cause former emotions any more. 

In the period of a menopause estrogen ceases to be produced in an organism, periods stop. This stage can begin in 40-50 years. In this case everything is individual. The menopause is followed by sharp changes in work of an organism. The attitude towards men cardinally changes. Sexual life ceases to seem important. Many lonely women who stepped this age boundary do not find it necessary to look for the partner. 

After 55-60 years at women there comes the menopause. It is just that age when the vast majority of women stop sex life. Men cease to interest them as sexual objects. Not only change of a hormonal background becomes the reason. In this case the psychological taboo works. The woman hesitates to show the grown old body. 

As the woman who does not need men looks

When the woman does not need men any more, she changes externally. The main sign - lack of gloss in eyes, a tired look and indifference which they show at the sight of persons of an opposite sex. Men feel these power messages at the subconscious level. Psychologists and sexologists assure that with such internal installations it is very difficult to women to find the soulmate and to arrange private life. 

If the sexual activity sharply decreases, it finds reflection and in a manner to put on, brush the hair. The woman loses interest in sexual things, beautiful underwear. Some cease to watch themselves and turn into gloomy ""aunts"". For this reason it is very undesirable to lose belief in love. Flirtation, passion, sexual interest are capable to work wonders, rejuvenating women and doing them beautiful. But there is it only to those who trust in love. At the others the quality of life decreases, they begin to grow old. And business even not in wrinkles, and in grief and disappointment in eyes. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team