Age difference: how to flirt with the mature man

Age difference: how to flirt with the mature man

The romantic relations with the mature man can end with the union, marriage or to remain the fleeting novel. But they begin always with flirtation on which in many respects depends as the love story will develop further. In what feature of flirtation with the adult man?

The mature man often becomes subject to ""hunting"" and flirtation for ladies of various age. The adult woman is attracted by stability, financial solvency and low probability of unfaithfulness. Young women are attracted by wisdom, condescension, rich life experience and material welfare most of whichmost of which of men reaches in maturity. Besides man ""in the prime of life"", as a rule, gentle and skilled lover who is a good judge of pleasures.

However it is hard to win such men. They appreciate freedom, are most often acute, mistrustful and suspicious (""it needs only my money, the apartment, the social status..."" and so on). How to fascinate the mature man? 

The companion of life of the mature man, strangely enough, at the ""middle-aged"" woman it is to become much bigger, than at the young person. In questions of joint life the man trusts lived and "taken a grief"" to the partner, than the young seductress more. The age difference frightens the man, and for this purpose there is a set of the bases. There is a lot of reasons for fears: he is afraid of unfaithfulness, the insincere relation, material claims and a difference in outlook, is afraid of sexual failures in a bed, deception and unfaithfulness from the young pretender to a role of the companion of life. 

The essential value for the mature man in the relations has intellectual communication. It does not mean that the pretender to a role of the companion of life has to be at least a candidate of science. But the ability to be an interesting interlocutor and a good outlook will become undoubted advantage, and flirtation with intellectual ""note"", the light mysteriousness, small mystery, ability to listen and hear the interlocutor - will sharply increase chances.

The habit to argue at the slightest pretext can appear huge minus in the opinion of the adult man. Trust to the words told by the man - one of those qualities in the woman which is capable to win the majority of the male hearts.

Severe criticism, excessive capriciousness, irascibility, obsession with the appearance and other advantages and also attempts to manipulate the man by means of conditions can do much harm. Adult men do not love the infinite bargaining for favor of the woman, fairly believing that it takes away time, nerves also are reduced by mood.

In general, if the woman in the relations from the very beginning applies for exclusive attention to the person - the man can be disappointed as to lose feeling of independence and freedom according to the first female requirement nobody wants. Insisting on the requirements and performance of conditions, putting psychological pressure or arranging hysterics, the young woman risks to remain ""at the interests"". Adult men forgive to young women a lot of things, but the emotional discomfort in the relations can destroy any charm, and very quickly.

The mature man is not afraid to take the responsibility for the relations, with pleasure will take part in the solution of problems at the potential partner, especially - if sees the joint future and a long-term outlook. Therefore you should not seek to look in his eyes the such super-independent young lady. On the contrary, the light vulnerability will only attract it, and an opportunity to help the pleasant woman will allow it to raise own self-assessment. Therefore you should not neglect it the help, it brings together. While the refusal of the help can disappoint him and insinuate its own necessity in the arisen relations.

Very delicate question - physiology of the sexual relations. The sensuality of the young woman which did not blossom yet first easily is in harmony with sexuality of the mature man. He does not hurry anywhere, devotes to the partner more time (unlike hyper sexy age-mates), does not torment the partner with excessive requirements, and his experience only enhances harmony in the course of physical proximity. However, deciding on marriage with the man who is much more senior than the partner, it is necessary to consider a difference in sexual appetites. In such marriage there is a disharmony probability in the future when the sexual inclination at the man begins to die away, and the woman will be ""in blossoming"" sensuality. Of course, this problem can not be so acute, but it is necessary to be ready to its decision to both.

You should not overestimate also value of a sexual attraction in the relations with the adult, experienced man. Do not forget, between the young man and the mature taken place man a huge difference in attitude. You will not seduce the mature partner with a sexual call, unlike young guys such men are not so greedy for the liberated behavior and open flirting. Demonstration of sensuality will not have due effect if is out of place. It is possible to drag the skilled man in a bed thus, but the further relations, most likely, will be unpromising from the point of view of the full-fledged union and marriage. 

Flirtation with the mature man has to be directed to full communication, to finding of trust to each other, but not to simple physiological seducing. Then the relations will be deep and strong, and marriage - stable.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team