Agitation – what is it what symptoms and the reasons of a problem exist?

Agitation – what is it what symptoms and the reasons of a problem exist?

In stressful situations each person behaves differently. Some become isolated, retire into oneself. Others, on the contrary, begin to fuss, shout, make nervous uncontrollable movements. Such state is called – agitation. If attacks repeat without the visible reasons, then it is already pathology.

What is agitation?

This term is translated from Latin as "a ghost in the movement". This psychoemotional borderline arising during strong nervous tension. More often than others arises at people with the weakened unstable mentality. In this state the motive concern because of various degree of a fright is observed. The person has an urgent need constantly to move.

The individual cannot find to himself the place and makes the actions deprived of any sense. The disturbing fear disconnects logic of behavior. The patient is capable to carry out only the simple automatic movements of a body. Psychiatrists consider agitation as a problem which it is necessary to approach seriously. In an uncontrollable state the patient can cause notable damage to himself and people around.

Agitation symptoms

At a disease the symptomatology is pronounced though it often is not noticed by the victim. Typical symptoms of a disease are observed:

  1. The increasing internal tension of which independently it is impossible to get rid.
  2. There is no concentration on the made actions.
  3. Adequate perception of reality is broken.
  4. The steady and long uneasy behavior, aimless trample up and down, shifting of things from place to place is observed.
  5. The person can groan, shout, show aggression physically or verbally in attempts calm him.
  6. In consciousness of the patient there are hallucinations, persuasive conditions of mentality.
  7. The emotional lift on the physiological plan causes reactions of a vegetative system: trembling of extremities, increase of pulse, increase in pressure, strong sweating, frequent breath and others.

Agitation reasons

External and internal factors can provoke constant abnormal emotional excitement. Experts refer abuse of alcohol, use of drugs and other tranquilizers, the constant repeating situations causing fear to the reasons of the first type. The stress or a psychological trauma also lead to such states.

Carry to internal factors:

  • presence of infectious diseases;
  • shortage of vitamins, avitaminosis;
  • severe depressions;
  • general intoxication of an organism;
  • endocrine metabolic disorders;
  • number of diseases of nervous system (for example, Alzheimer, neurosises);
  • age changes of mentality and state of health in general.

Agitation treatment

Disposal of an illness such is always carried out by complex methods: medicamentally and applying psychotherapy. The agitated depression is a probable state to which patients get. Apply medicines to removal:

  1. Antidepressants (Melipramin, "Sertraline"). Their action is based on ability of accumulation in an organism of hormones of happiness.
  2. Medicines of sedative action. Have the calming effect, distinguish synthetic (Bromenval, solution potassium bromide) and on the basis of officinal herbs (tinctures of a motherwort, a valerian, a peony).
  3. Neuroleptics (Fenotiazin, "Aminazine", Tizertsin). The strong medicines blocking pathological manifestations of nervous system.

Non-drug methods of treatment are based on individual approach to the patient. Treatment algorithm following:

  1. Defines behavioural reactions of the patient.
  2. Development of methods of treatment.
  3. Establishment of medical psychological interaction.
  4. Purpose of medical procedures (psychotherapy, massage and others).

Agitation consequences

The overexcited state peculiar to this disease can lead to sad consequences for the most sick and for the people surrounding it. The lack of control of the actions involves violent insanity. Nerves can not sustain overexcitation, the person will lose reason. Heart attack or other failures of a cardiovascular system is possible.


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