Agriculture and ecology

Agriculture and ecology

farms of each country already many years use nitrogen fertilizers, kotoryedavno proved the an effektivnostn to practice. But their use negatively affects ecology, nitrous oxide is the third in distribution greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. On an equal basis with carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide is one of the main reasons for global warming. The American farms produce about 58 percent of this hazardous substance.

As solutions the scientists developed a set of effective products and methods. But many farmers not of speshaty will allure, being afraid to lose a share of net income as a result of experiments from application of any given products and methods of conducting managing. But recently the way allowing farmers to reduce emission of nitrous oxide without threat of a yield loss was invented.

This way is use of the technology of the minimum processing with distribution of nitrogen fertilizers in soil layers, but not their mass drawing on a surface. This method promotes considerable reduction of emission of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The method of the minimum processing of the soil consists in processing of a poleypolosama up to 30 centimeters wide and 20-22.5 centimeters in depth. Thus, when landing seeds in such strips and simultaneous use of fertilizers farmers can spend less energy, promote decrease in extent of soil erosion and achieve preservation of moisture in it on the big area of the field. In addition nitrogen is deeply in the soil that almost does not affect the environment.

During the experiments the researchers noticed one more plus of this method. Except reduction of harmful effects on ecology, application of a method of the minimum processing of the soil also increases productivity of grain crops. This fact can become the motivating element which will induce farmers to pass to more modern methods of housekeeping which will allow to protect ecology without loss of profit.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team