Airships return?

Airships return?

airships can begin mass flights again, having opened thereby a new era of comfortable travel by air. So far this project is at a conceptual stage, but some technical characteristics of these air ships are already known. The main model will reach 30 meters in height. Airships will be able to transport up to 390 tons of cargo and to contain 330,000 cubic meters of hydrogen which is used as the main fuel for vehicles of this type. Some models provide equipment by penthouses, in bars and the survey glasses instead of a floor.

Blossoming of the structure of the air ships is the share of the 1930th together with famous German Zeppelins. Nevertheless new technologies made these ships the most attractive in respect of comfort and care of the environment

Cruise airships have to become an alternative to jet planes. The London company Seymourpowell decided to revise completely the concept of air transport and to make travel safer for the environment and is much more comfortable.

These air ships it is possible by the right to call the flying hotels. They are silent and eco-friendly as use as fuel hydrogen in a combination with solar energy, and can gather speed in 90 miles per hour. On preliminary this air hotel can bring 100 people from London to New York in 37 hours, or from Los Angeles to Shanghai in 4 days. Nick Tolbot, the designer of Seymourpowell, says: Movement by plane demands huge expenses of resources, and often causes a stress. We offer an alternative, the quiet and comfortable vehicle.

Developments of Seymourpowell involved in cooperation of the Korean giant Samsung – the chief contractor on the highest building of Burj Khalifa in the world in Dubai. Samsung financed further developments of the air ships, and creation of detailed computer models

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