Alcoholic hallucinosis - symptoms and treatment

Alcoholic hallucinosis - symptoms and treatment

Thoughtless consumption of strong drinks can lead to various troubles with health, both the body, and reason suffers. Violations of the last are joint under the name metalkogolny psychosis, and hallucinosis is the second in frequency kind of these problems.

Hallucinosis – what is it?

At hard drinkings or a hungover syndrome the people begin to be alarmed and hear voices. It is the alcoholic hallucinosis accompanying the patient several hours or years. The term and weight of a current are defined by a disease form. If hallucinosis lasts long, then on its background other mental problems conducting to a suicide or harming people around can develop.

Alcoholic hallucinosis – symptoms

Metalkogolny psychoses are formed with resistant thirst for intake of alcohol-containing substances. One of widespread cases is alcoholic hallucinosis, it appears at 5-11% of patients, 40 years are traditionally more senior. More women are subject to a disease. Key signs consider:

  • unreal voices;
  • depression;
  • the fear developing into panic;
  • crazy ideas;
  • block.

Alcoholic acoustical hallucinosis

The danger is that the patient does not realize unreality of the voices speaking with him. Alcoholic verbal hallucinosis seldom accompanies with an ordinary annoying talk, to the person seems that he hears abuse in the address or threats. Sometimes, what on this background of the patient hears requests for the help or crying of close people. Long verbal hallucinosis leads to formation of unreasonable panic and nonsense of prosecution. The patient tries to liquidate threat that can become the reason of socially dangerous actions – a suicide, health hazard of relatives.

Alcoholic hallucinosis – leaving

To people with such disease the special attention is required, but sharp and chronic alcoholic hallucinosis demand different approach. Therefore at first it is required to define a concrete kind of violation.

  1. Sharp alcoholic hallucinosis. Appears at chronic alcoholism, a thicket at women. It is observed at long hard drinking or a severe hangover. The patient hears threats, impartial opinion on himself, can seem to it that it to something is compelled. Lasts from 4 days to several weeks, can independently pass when leaving the main problem.
  2. Long hallucinosis. The nonsense of the relations or prosecution, a depression joins symptoms of the previous type. It proceeds 2-3 months, in rare instances about half a year. Voices gradually vanish, thinking returns to normal, the alarm recedes. The correct correction of a state requires the help of the expert as aggravation of manifestations is possible.
  3. Chronic alcoholic hallucinosis. The patient hears voices every day, it can be whole dialogue or instructions. He stays in a quiet state and adequately reacts to the events, sometimes on this background crazy psychoses develop. Duration – of a year and more. The help of the doctor is desirable, but for themselves or people around patients represent threat seldom.

Alcoholic hallucinosis – treatment

The narcologist is engaged in correction of such states, self-treatment is inefficient. Minus of the address to the expert is need of stay for a hospital, treatment of alcoholic hallucinosis is not made at home or different ways. Therapy affects not only mental violations, but also failures in work of separate bodies. Typical medicines are a haloperidol, risperidon, azatsiklonol and olanzapin. In work of a brain apply meldonium and piracetam to prevention of problems, for restoration to patients enter vitamin C and groups B, inosine and cocarboxylase.


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