All about kisses

All about kisses

The kiss is the most widespread manifestation of human feelings which well influences all organism. The equipment of kisses is various and unusually rich, it depends on part of teeth, language and lips, customs which are taken at the different people, and the place.


1. The kiss can reveal incompatibility of people, in it and there is its most important task. Two persons can show to each other interest or sympathy. The first kiss will show whether there is between them a passion or it is better to leave everything as it is. Often the first contact of lips is capable to cause hostility or coldness. Such reaction will follow if the woman and the man are physiologically incompatible (even if suit one another in all other relations). After a kiss the woman can understand whether male this individual suits her.

2. Merge of lips bears in itself various sexual signals. Concentration of pheromones can report to the partner about your sexuality at present. If lips of the partner are compressed, so he does not wish to continue the begun game. If are disconnected, then it is necessary to accept the invitation and more courageous to work. If the partner's language at once moves towards – it speaks about obvious desire. The escaping and soft language demonstrates preference of a love and slow game.

3. According to opinion of psychologists, the kiss is capable to prevent stresses and to calm nervous system. Fans to kiss are sure of the forces, are optimists, try to obtain personal and professional progress. The kiss is a big bouquet of chemical reactions. At this time partners exchange fats, proteins and salts. Besides, by word of mouth passes a large number of bacteria, streptococci, stafilokokk which for 95% are harmless. Frequent kisses interfere with formation of wrinkles, face muscles train better than any massage.

4. Touches of lips can give you much more, than you think. Kisses not only make positive impact on an organism, but also help to lose excess weight. Caress – ability to stroke, touch with them with lips, to put pressure. The intensity and a type of a kiss need to be selected individually, watching reaction of the partner. Never impose caress and kisses which cause negative emotions in the partner.

5. Some men, self-assured in appearance, very shy kiss, sometimes hesitate with a deep kiss with language. It characterizes the person as indecisive and hiding the complexes behind a certain mask. Such man in a bed will be low-inventive, will give preference to classical poses. The initiative woman will frighten him as he is afraid to lose leadership. Kisses with plentiful release of the saliva smeared on the face of the partner confirms inexperience and inexperience in respect of sex. Such kiss says that the person prefers to pay special attention to the emotional party of the relations. An aggressive kiss – indispensable attribute of faulty egoists who only own pleasure concerns in a bed. Such people are convinced of the irresistibility.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team