Altruism and egoism

Altruism and egoism

The egoism and altruism were considered in philosophy of different centuries and will be considered and further as these two concepts have direct impact on development of society.

Starting with Aristotle, philosophers tried to give exact definition to a concept of egoism and to find sides of love for themselves. The Latin word ego is the cornerstone of the word egoist that in translation I mean. It turns out that the egoist is a person in whose center of interests there is he. However a dilemma of altruism and egoism not such simple as can seem at first sight. Even in the Bible it is said that the love for others begins with love for itself: Love the neighbor as.

Dislike for itself prevents people to understand others and to feel their pain. The love for itself is closely connected with a self-assessment: the high self-assessment is a consequence of the positive attitude towards itself, abilities to forgive itself and to support.

Egoism and altruism in ethics

According to ethical outlook, the egoism is the complete antithesis of altruism. Many scientists define egoism as moral ethical principle which cornerstone the orientation to own requirements and desires and neglect or ignoring of interests of others is.

It turns out that the trouble of egoism consists not in love for itself, and in neglect other people. It is vital to appreciate himself and to love, but it is necessary to do it not to the detriment of others and not at their expense.

In the modern world many people try to obtain success and welfare at the expense of the interests of other people. The self-interest, money and own purposes become the main life priority. In such atmosphere for altruism there is almost no place left, it is considered destiny of weak and unoccupied people.

Examples from life concerning altruism and egoism show that people quite often resort to acts which it is possible to call altruistic when begin to think of own soul or wish to show the kindness. However the true altruism has to have a motivation one: to help other person, to facilitate his fate, without wishing anything in exchange. There is a difference meanwhile to give way in the tram in order that nobody thought of you negatively or to facilitate somehow life of the aged grandmother.

The choice situation between egoism and altruism arises before the person constantly: in family, on the street, at work. To make a right choice happens not always simply. Therefore periodically it is necessary to stop itself and to transfer focus of the attention from own interests to the interests of surrounding people.

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