Appearance of the second child in family - a hindrance for the first grader

Appearance of the second child in family - a hindrance for the first grader

The school is a test not only for children, but also for parents. It is a fact of common knowledge. And when in family there is one more child at this time, "snowball" begins to be formed of problems: jealousy of the senior, lessons, collecting in school, sleepless nights, cooking, washing.

But no what from this will be able to justify your aggression in relation to one of children. How many psychologists gave recommendations, in each separate family the process of education proceeds differently. There is a certain algorithm, following which, it is possible to create individual tactics of behavior.

First, never criticize the child for failures at school. There is no problem that the child not correctly solved an example at school. In playful way with sticks, toys, apples solve these examples with the child. And derive pleasure, and relieve the tension a game. Reads slowly and cannot remember that read - you do not shout and do not rush books, make a deep breath, you can even count up to 10. Put yourself on its place. How do you feel, when something is impossible, and the chief shouts at you.

Secondly, you praise for progress, even insignificant more often. The sun beautifully turned out - already success. And if syllables in words began to gather quicker, then you should rejoice.

Thirdly, never you reduce punishment to the younger child. For example, some parents speak so: "If you do not learn the verse, then I will force you to sit with the sister". Younger the senior child has to perceive as an award, but not punishment.

Fourthly, embrace children just like that more often. Constantly you say how strongly you love them. Yes, now the kid needs to find more time. And more often from the senior child you hear: "You love it stronger". You say that you love him stronger because it is big. You get out of the situations that the senior child understood that he is necessary to you and it is loved by you.

Aside relatives, and especially the husband should not stand. He has to understand that now it is difficult not only to you. Having got to new conditions, your child undergoes adaptation which not always takes place smoothly. Not all children equally successfully undergo acclimatization in school: at someone communicative skills are developed better, at someone it is worse. You together have to direct the efforts to that your child got used to the replaced circumstances of his life quicker.

When the harmony between you is established and children, housework will not be routine occupation. The senior child with pleasure will play with the kid or to help you about the house. Do not forget that the good mood affects also your appearance. During a maternity leave do not forget to watch and look after yourself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team