Appointment blindly

Appointment blindly

A huge number of couples gets acquainted on the Internet. Everything begins with correspondence and communication in chats, and then there comes meeting time. Even if you saw the photo of the potential groom, the appointment all the same will be blindly. That the meeting left only pleasant memories, it is necessary to know how to behave.

The meeting has to be exclusively in the public place

First, it elementary safety rules demand, secondly, common sense. Only such place will allow you to distinguish quickly its manner of behavior and also as far as your satellite is solvent and generous. If your satellite is not pleasant to you, then from such place it is always very simple to escape.

Find common interests

If there is no confidence that you with ease will keep up the interesting conversation or you simply do not know what to speak on the first appointment with the stranger about, then it will be best of all if you meet at an exhibition or will go to cinema. At least one subject for the general discussion is provided to you.

You should not force events

Even if you a long time communicated on the Internet, you should not kiss and embrace the gentleman. It is quite probable that through very short time you will understand that it is not your person. And already then the sudden coldness will be quite difficult to be explained, and, above all - it is inconvenient. The best that the girl can offer on the first appointment – a warm smile at the beginning and kiss on the cheek at parting.

It is not necessary to overload air with information

Often it happens that when we are nervous, we begin to talk without a stop. Try to constrain a little yourself. Of course, death silence and terse responses to all its attempts to stick a conversation - it is perfect other extreme which also does not need to be allowed. Try to maintain balance: you say exactly so much that it not only intrigued it and interested, but also induced to ask questions.

The subject of former is forbidden

Once and for all remember this simple truth. Never start talking about being on the first appointment. If such questions are asked by it, then give information minimum without any emotional coloring.

Ask questions

Quite so we show to the interlocutor that he is interesting to us. Quite so we will encourage also its interest. But with it be careful, asking questions, you can come across the long story. And then do not interrupt at all, then it can take offense.

Try to be honest

If the appointment disappointed you, then you should not give false hopes. If the man asks you about future meeting, then speak directly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team