Argentina tango: from loneliness to mutual understanding

Argentina tango: from loneliness to mutual understanding

The Argentina tango gives to the person really invaluable experience. Thanks to it you not only learn more about culture and technology of dance, but also learn to reveal, better to understand yourself, to see and realize the problems. Moreover, you will be able to solve some difficulties, to work over the character and even to come to mutual understanding with other people which, alas, many of us do not find neither at work, nor among friends, nor in the bosom of the family.

Dancing the Argentina tango, the person easier and quicker begins to understand why he does not manage to improve the relations in collective or in family. Dance helps to bare and to brightly emphasize the problems preventing mutual understanding establishment: distrustfulness, excessive modesty and even painful shyness, a habit to put on a mask, unwillingness to meet with other people, obsession with itself and so forth. Thanks to trainings according to the Argentina tango you will be able to see and estimate all these difficulties. Further you will have a choice: or to deal with the problems what you, besides, very much will be helped by trainings with, or to leave everything as it is.

If you decided to cope with what disturbs you and to learn to establish good relationship with other people, including fellow workers, you with it will be helped by teachers of the Argentina tango. Popular belief that for achievement of such result it is enough to choose any social dances, however actually it not so. The Argentina tango demands much bigger efforts at establishment of contact with the partner and allows to try to obtain deeper mutual understanding.

The fact is that it is demanded by technology of dance. The Argentina tango, unlike many other social dances, does not give ready decisions. It means that you will need not to repeat in advance learned movements one after another, precisely knowing what will be the following, and to choose each step, trying to feel desires of the partner and to understand, how exactly he prefers to dance. The contact between dancing is weaker, the risk is higher that they will begin to make mistakes, will get confused, and as a result dance will be spoiled.

The Argentina tango excellently is suitable for development of empathy. If you are not able to understand other person, to feel his mood, to understand what is hidden behind his words on trainings you gradually learn it. Such skill by all means is useful to you at communication not only with close people, but also with colleagues, business partners, the administration. Also you learn to concentrate on other people, without thinking at the same time only of yourself.

Establishment of contact is promoted also by the fact that the person, wishing to feel another, has to open. Alas, it seriously frightens many beginners, they are defenseless without habitual mask. Actually thanks to trainings the people learn to open without prejudice to themselves, to be honest, to give to people around the chance to feel them.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team