As according to the Bible the wife has to treat the husband

As according to the Bible the wife has to treat the husband

The question of relationship in marriage is very relevant today as every second marriage comes to an end with a divorce, and in 70% of cases women become initiators of a gap. One of the causes of divorces in Russia many psychologists call change of the relation to marriage at women: if before the wife tried to save in every way the union, then now in case ofin case of problems of the woman do not see sense to continue.

In spite of the fact that, according to the Scripture, the husband and the wife are equal before God, nevertheless different parts in marriage are assigned to them.

So the woman has to:

  • To submit to the husband: "Wives, obey husbands, it is your debt to the Lord". According to the Bible, obedience is a natural response to the loving leadership. But it does not mean at all that the husband can be the tyrant and the despot, and the woman has to behave as silent fish. All issues have to be resolved jointly. At emergence of difficult situations the husband has to make the final decision as he is responsible for the family before God.
  • The woman, to become the true assistant to the husband, has to have active living position and have the view of the solution of some questions and problems. When the man and the woman get married, they become a whole therefore everyone has to fill each other.
  • To be wise in relation to the husband. And the wise woman always knows what can be spoken with the husband only when he is full.
  • To be tender. When the woman is gentle to the husband when she heartily welcomes him from work and sees off, it is pleasant to man to come back home. If the wife is sincerely grateful to the husband, then it becomes more pleasant to it to do something for her.
  • To be beautiful only for the husband. It means that the woman should not wear bright clothes and cosmetics. Beauty is, first of all, a state of mind. Therefore the woman has to be merciful. And, above all decoration of the woman is a virtue. But at the same time she has to be tidy and womanly.
  • To be economic. The wife has to undertake creation of a cosiness in the house, and the husband can sometimes help her with it. Even if the wife should go and get up early to bed late, her family has to be well-groomed and fed, and houses have to reign an order and a cosiness.
  • To observe moderation in intimate life. It means that the wife should not humour implicitly every time of the husband. In intimate life of spouses there should not be excesses therefore in the period of posts and indispositions the abstention is necessary.

Such lifestyle is too difficult for most of modern women. Many wives build career and make a big contribution to providing family. Therefore combination of career with implementation of the Scripture can cause a severe stress in the woman.

In such situations the representatives of religion recommend to the woman to change an order of the priorities with a prayer and to begin to follow the role ordered by the Bible.

It should be notedIt should be noted that each person has the right to choose what to trust to and how to build the family. The main thing that all family members were happy and were able to reach in everything compromise. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team