As alcohol influences perception by men of women

As alcohol influences perception by men of women

Alcohol influences perception by men of women because of impact of endogenous opiates on the center of pleasure of a brain. The researches conducted in the USA showed: the drunk men in photos of women more time consider a breast and a waist. However the experiment conducted by scientists of Great Britain showed other result.

Still scientists did not come to a consensus about whether alcohol influences perception by men of women. In the different countries, researches which showed opposite results were conducted.

Research at the University of Nebraska Lincoln (USA)

Scientists came to a conclusion that men, having drunk even a small amount of alcoholic beverages, are inclined to perceive girls as an object for sexual inclination. 50 men at the age of 20-30 years participated in a research. They were divided into two groups. The first was given alcoholic beverages, and the second – placebo.

After some period, photos of young girls in attractive evening dresses were shown. Volunteers had to estimate the picture. At this time by means of the special electronic automated system there was a tracking movements of eyes. It was noted:

  • The men who were under the influence of alcohol looked at a breast and a waist more, than at the person. The difference was more noticeable when women were characterized as "attractive" or "diffident".
  • Sober men paid more attention to studying features of the women making an impression "sincere" and "self-sufficient".
  • Under the influence of alcohol the examinees almost did not consider a part of a body of those girls who looked self-assured.

Why there is a change of perception by men of women under the influence of alcohol?

Experts note that change of perception is more connected with psychological effect of alcohol, than with physiological changes. The mood becomes raised, the person begins to feel more liberated. However it speaks in terms of physiology. Alcohol "masks" the center of pleasure located in a brain by means of endorphins. The last act as endogenous opiates.

Some scientists assume that perception of women changes not only at a moderate dose of the drunk alcoholic drinks. Concentration of endorphins increases in some sites and orbitofrontalny bark that "prompts" to men, how exactly it is possible to receive the desirable.

Essential doses of alcohol lead to the fact that the person ceases to control the libido. It leads to increase in potency. Scientists note: no matter, what drink was drunk. The main thing – what volume was used. For example, 50 g of vodka or glass of wine:

  • stimulates inclination;
  • allows to come to the excited state quicker;
  • slows down ejaculation, prolongs sexual intercourse.

In terms of physiology also the fact that essential doses of alcohol, its systematic use interfere productions of men's hormones speaks. Therefore the more the man is fond of binge, the less he wants sex. It leads also to change of perception of women.

Besides, if before each sexual intercourse use of strong drinks precedes, a certain behavioural installation is fixed. Because of it at the person it is impossible to appear in a condition of excitement without alcohol. Against the background of the lost feeling of control to the man there can be all the same what woman is near it.

The research proving that alcohol does not influence perception by men of women

The researcher Olivia Maynard with the team from the university of Bristol (Great Britain) decided to make an experiment in "field" conditions. For this purpose the experiment was put in three bars of the city at once. In total 311 people participated in an experiment.

Tipsy men were offered to range photos of persons on a 7-mark scale. After that each participant had to estimate subjectively degree of the intoxication, pass a test for the content of vapors of alcohol in the exhaled air.

It was revealed that there is no interrelation between intoxication of the person and ranging of persons of an opposite sex according to photos. However, the more it was drunk alcohol-containing drinks, the less there were pleasant persons in male photos.

Researchers remind that the similar experiment was made for the first time therefore data need additional confirmation. For example, at poll the degree of sexuality of examinees was not considered.

In conclusion we will note that foreign scientists conducted one more research. In its course was the fact that alcohol does not affect ability of men to judge age of the darling is elicited. This experiment proves that intoxication cannot excuse for sexual communications with minors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team