As Aquarius in love behaves

As Aquarius in love behaves

The Aquarius - one of three air zodiac signs though people a time mistakenly rank it as water. Belonging to elements of air leaves a mark on behavior muzhchin-Vodoleev, often doing them by difficult and contradictory natures.


1. According to astrologers, representatives of the sign Aquarius are often excentric. The strong mind, persistence and persistence, ingenuity, aspiration to originality and self-expression, at the same time external softness and compliance are peculiar to them. They like to communicate and be among people. As a rule, Aquarius is balanced and is not sensitive, so with them it is possible to feel rather quietly nearby.

2. The internal conflict is characteristic of Aquarius. On the one hand, such man strives for stability, with another, his thirst for a variety pushes him on search of new interesting people who can be investigated including sexy partners. Therefore it often postpones marriage until the last, but if chose to himself the wife, then it for a long time or forever. However it at all optional speaks about mad love as for Aquarius it is peculiar to marry by calculation i.e. when the partner suits it in different parameters. Also it also does not say that the man will be loyal. If something does not suit him in intimate relations, he can move off in searches of the mistress though his sexual temperament in itself is not high. At the same time he will remain properly devoted to the wife since become attached to people and do not like to change a circle of contacts.

3. Externally Aquarius sometimes can seem reserved and indifferent, but it is not obligatory so, just he not really likes to show the emotions. Frequent it is quite kind and modest people ready to come to the rescue and not seeking to establish the superiority in society and family. They are often sincere and straightforward because of what people can use them. But it does not prevent Aquarius to try to obtain success. Despite the external compliance and softness, such men are inclined to do everything in own way, without paying attention to others opinion.

4. With high probability, Aquarius will be attracted by the woman beautifully (and it is excentric) dressed and mysterious, unconventionally conceiving and capable to talk on philosophical subjects. It is pleasant to him when the girl behaves mysteriously and she needs to be solved, representatives of this sign are born researchers. It is one appointment better to go to some interesting action, in new for muzhchiny-Vodoleya the place.

5. If you conceived to connect the life with muzhchinoy-Vodoleem - realize at once that you will not manage to change it in something. Therefore before properly think whether you are ready to love and accept it it what it is, to be for it the best friend and to support in his undertakings. In return, he will be always ready to give to you advice or to help with a difficult situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team