As by phone to invite the guy to an appointment

As by phone to invite the guy to an appointment

In spite of the fact that in the girl's relations more often take the initiative, everyone will hesitate to invite the guy to an appointment. To use for the invitation phone – the idea quite good: so you at least will be confused much less.


1. Before inviting the nice acquaintance to an appointment, well think whether it is worth showing such initiative. If you know this guy long ago and you have friendly relations, he, most likely, will agree, at least because will not want to put you in an awkward situation. But it does not mean at all that your relations have a future. Less familiar young man can apprehend this invitation as the offer to have a good time. And if he begins to behave obscenely, and you will try to put him into place, consequences can be the most unpleasant.

2. Be prepared for phone call. Think up that you will tell the guy, rehearse the speech. Otherwise it can turn out so that you and will not be able to connect two words. Try that your voice sounded easily and easy.

3. In advance think up where you are going to call the guy. If there is an opportunity – show imagination. Call him on a concert of favorite band, at cinema, in cafe, on walk to the park, on a skating rink, in bowling, etc. If desired you can invite the guy so that it will look only friendly. But then will depend only on him whether will pass the relations into something bigger.

4. It is the best of all to call in the evening when the person is more weakened and ready for pleasant pastime, but not too late. If you strongly worry – make several deep breaths and exhalations. Smile – the interlocutor, of course, does not see you, however he will feel your smile.

5. At a conversation you do not beat around the bush and do not wait that the guy will guess the purpose of a call and will take the initiative. Avoid long pauses and do not tighten a conversation. Take an interest as its affairs, than he is engaged, and then invite.

6. Having been refused, be not humiliated and do not try to persuade the guy. Behave adequately: talk a little more and say goodbye. Do not think that its refusal is connected with the bad relation to you, perhaps, you called improper time or the invitation it was too unexpected. If this is soIf this is soIf this is so – the guy himself calls back to you later. Anyway, in the future you will have no occasion to reproach itself with inaction – you made everything that was in your forces.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team