As call the sister's husband

As call the sister's husband

In process of growing of the person, the number of people in one way or another entering his life increases. From the beginning of married life, the number of new members of "family" considerably increases.

How to address the sister's husband

At first sight can seem that it is not so important to know names of relatives from the husband or the wife. However practice shows that rather often there are situations when similar information can be useful.

The value of such widespread words as "father-in-law", "mother-in-law", "father-in-law" and "mother-in-law" are known to a large number of people since the deep childhood. Therefore similar addresses of relatives to each other very few people will surprise and the more so will not nonplus. But the fact is that relatives can be much, and not all names are known to a wide range of persons.

The father of the husband is a father-in-law, and his mother – the mother-in-law. At the same time the father of the wife is called the father-in-law, the wife's mother - the mother-in-law.

Most of modern people got used that a son-in-law is the daughter's husband for mother and the bride's father. This rather widespread and habitual address of the senior generation to the new family member. However if to consult the explanatory dictionary, then it is possible to find information that the man who married the woman is a son-in-law for all her family. Thus, the daughter's groom, the groom of the sister and even the sister-in-law groom after the wedding will become a son-in-law for parents of the bride, her brothers and sisters.

The sister-in-law is a sister of the husband, and the brother-in-law - his brother.

Origin of the word "son-in-law"

In translation from old Slavic language the word "son-in-law" is meant by "groom". From here at once it becomes clear why the sister of any woman can call her husband the son-in-law. Initially this word takes the roots in Indo-European language where it was applied a little in other value and designated the man belonging "besides a sort" i.e. the relative. Quite often the husband of the sister and the daughter becomes the real relative for her family. So, the bride's parents often consider the groom, and in a consequence and the daughter's husband, the called son, and the sister treats the sister's husband as the brother.

Communication of the sister with the son-in-law

Very often sisters are close with each other and are not only the immediate family, but also the best girlfriends. Sisters know each other as nobody else. They grew up together, supported each other, since the childhood shared secrets and experiences. When one of sisters marries, often for another it is a stress. At this moment it is important to realize that her husband does not want to destroy the friendship and idyll which arose between sisters. He just wants to make happy the person, close and native for it. Therefore it is important to maintain good relations with the son-in-law first of all for the sake of the beloved sister. It is very important to be on friendly terms families for maintenance of habitual close family relations and for comfortable life of spouses.

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