As Cancers fall in love

As Cancers fall in love

The sign of Cancer belongs to water elements. From here - its high sensitivity, susceptibility and an intuition, care and romanticism. But Cancers are not so ordinary - the rationality and practicality are also not alien to them.


1. Crayfish in youth - it is frequent the romantics dreaming of ideal love, and from the elect/darling wait for tenderness, understanding, support. They tend toThey tend to exaggerate advantages and not to notice shortcomings of the passion. Lyubov and family for this sign is in the first place. Men of this sign quite often reach for women of maternal type, and female Cancers - for men of fatherly type. In feelings Cancers owners are also capable to suffer strongly from one-way love, and time having been disappointed, can remain long alone for fear that they will be wounded again.

2. The physiological primitive aspect of love often is not so important for Cancers, at the same time they are ready to play the long love game and adore caress. The assertiveness in intimate relations is not characteristic of them - both men, and women are ready to submit to more active partner. Cancer offended by treason can become jealous and aggressive to what it is pushed by the wounded self-esteem.

3. Men of this sign are capable to be faithful husbands and careful fathers. If it is more ambiguous and whimsical type of the man, then he can long look for the ideal among many women. Crayfish easily seduce women thanks to the aura of mystery and mysticism, emotionality and manner. They often choose girls externally attractive, sure and vigorous, sometimes even aggressive, at the same time romantic and true.

4. Women timid and tender, mysterious and also externally inaccessible and whimsical occur among Cancers. In marriage of the girl of this type are inclined to become attached strongly to the man, to adapt to it, to appreciate in it fidelity, reliability and economy, ability to protect.

5. Crayfish in love, as well as in all the rest, are careful and are not inclined to unreasoned acts since they painfully treat failures. They are not conquerors at heart and if the person to whom they take a liking refused, then they can lower hands. If the person of this sign worries about something, he can be very reserved and not share problems with the partner.

6. The man and the woman, both belonging to the sign of Cancer, have chances to create the strong union where there are a lot of children and the house - a full bowl. They will feel safe and spend free time in homeliness where it is possible to be fenced off from problems of the outside world. Marriages of Cancers with Fishes, Maidens can be successful. Zhenshchina-Rak under certain conditions will also be able to construct the relations with muzhchinoy-Teltsom or the Scorpion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team