As child to call correct

As child to call correct

It is considered to be that the name of the person plays a large role in his life, bearing semantic and emotional loading. After the child's birth, many parents name it, being guided by anything: on fashion, on relatives and friends or on something. At the same time do not think as it will affect his life in the future.

What to avoid

The choice of a name - rather serious business. The child with him should live all life and to treat it very responsibly. It is necessary to know and remember some rules and subtleties which will help parents with this choice.

When choosing a name it is necessary to consider a number of features.

  • Complexity in writing and pronunciation of a surname, name and middle name. Think how will call your child at adult age. Whether laughter, "clumsiness" and difficulty will cause pronunciation?
  • Refuse fashionable popularity when all year of children call by one name. Usually, it conducts to what in 7 years in a class the child will have on several people with this name. It to some extent can complicate to the child life.
  • Avoid a name teaser even if it very much is pleasant to you. Such name will cause problems to your child.
  • Do not choose a name which for some reason causes in you hostility or bad memoirs.
  • It is undesirable to call in honor of grandmothers and grandfathers.
  • Do not name the child imposed to you. It can bore or disappoint you soon.
  • It is better to refuse foreign names. Especially, if the middle name does not correspond to it also the father not the foreigner (Jennifer Mikhaelovna).

It is necessary to remember

  • The name to the child is better to choose that which beautifully sounds together with a surname and a middle name.
  • Do not listen that advise you and impose people around. Solve that it was not necessary to blame someone then.
  • Choosing the girl a man's name, think whether it will turn her into the person with male character?
  • It is not always good to call the child (boy) by the name of the father. It is possible to find also more interesting options. The same can be told also about girls to whom mothers name.

Option of the choice of a name by date and season

At the child's birth many parents, without bothering on search of a name, at once address numerology. This is the good assistant. It is considered to be what every season years leaves "press" on the newborn. For example, it is considered that the children born in the fall are clever, persistent, talented, vigorous. And therefore, "to moderate" excessive activity, they are named quieter, romantic. 

Church names

As for the choice of a name of the child according to the church calendar, so here everything is simple. Date of birth of the child undertakes and it is verified with the calendar. He will offer parents names which were noted by church this day. If for some reason there is no name or it not absolutely is pleasant to parents, then it is possible to choose a name which is given in one or two days to or after day when the child was born.

In any cases, selection of a name to the child is a business serious and responsible, and be responsible for it - only parents.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team