As contents of a men's purse influence development of the relations

As contents of a men's purse influence development of the relations

The relations between the man and the woman are influenced by a set of factors. Perhaps, one of the most discussed nuances is the financial solvency of the stronger sex. Any medal has an ability to provide itself and potential family – unconditional plus also the back.


1. The financial wellbeing positively affects demand of the man in the marriage market. Those who accuses the women adhering to such point of view of commercialism should remember an aphorism from Dovlatov's "Branch": "Not money attracts women … And what made the person powerful, rich and elegant. Force which allocated some and others are completely deprived". Really, independently earned capital demonstrates that this man, at least, not the idler. Most of such people are sure of themselves, are able to set to themselves the purposes and to try to obtain them.

2. Considering the fact that getting children, the woman some time is deprived of an opportunity to earn at full capacity, the subconscious aspiration to find the partner who is strong standing on the feet meets the requirements of survival. Psychologists call this phenomenon "evolutionary adaptation" - in modern society the existence of money is "quality mark" of the man, his ability to adapt to surrounding reality and to provide survival to the posterity.

3. At the same time, the men who succeeded in life are rather exacting to the companions of life. Sometimes the real tyrant reproaching the woman with the fact that she is in his dependence grows up from the careful husband and the father. He demands from the second half that it conformed to the standards established by it: put on, behaved in a certain way, communicated with the one whom he will specify. As it is paradoxical, it is connected with insufficiently high self-assessment, mistrust, suspiciousness. The man is not confident that the spouse loves him, and not just money, from here – manipulation attempts.

4. Steve Harvey, the author of the best-seller in a genre of popular psychology "Arrive as the woman, think as the man", claims that there are only three things which the man wants to receive from the beloved: support, devotion and sex. If with the last point everything is clear, then here in the first two men quite often doubt. Whether the woman together with the husband will agree to have hard times? Whether she appreciates that he provides material well-being for it? In a word, the respectability of the man positively influences the relations with an opposite sex in case its aspiration to earn is connected with desire to provide all necessary this specific woman having to it mutual feelings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team