As correctly the man has to greet the woman at a meeting

As correctly the man has to greet the woman at a meeting

One of the main mistakes in the relations between the man and the woman is ignorance of the one who has to give the first a hand for handshake. Conforming to the simple rules of etiquette, you never allow awkwardness neither in business, nor in usual life.

Greeting – the integral component of everyday life therefore it is necessary to know the simple rules of etiquette applicable to all spheres of communication.

General rules

  • Remember that impolitely to smoke a cigarette or to keep hands in clothes pockets when you greet. • Surely accurately and distinctly say a greeting, smiling to the interlocutor.
  • Do not draw attention of passersby if the meeting takes place on the street. Be more reserved. • Both lefthanders, and right-handed persons greet the right hand.

Who has to greet the first?

The man is obliged to the first to greet the woman who entered the room. If he at this moment sits, then he needs to stand up. Also the male chief has to greet the subordinate the first in spite of the fact that, according to business etiquette, the worker the first welcomes the head, – it the rule extends only to men.

Remember: the woman or the senior on age the first offer a hand.

As men and women greet

At a meeting on the street, the man has to raise the headdress and nod to the girl who is meeting halfway. Such form of a greeting as a kiss of a hand consigns to the past – rather friendly nod the head. But girls should remember: to take away a hand at a kiss – bad form. It is worth remembering that, according to rules of etiquette, the hostess of the house has to shake hands with all guests who are present at evening today. In this rule there are no exceptions: with whom the girl is in a quarrel, it has to greet both the stranger, and that guest equally kindly. Consign to the past and embraces at a meeting – they remained in the relations of men which can clap each other it can do. For the rest, the similar gesture is appropriate only with close friends or relatives.

Business etiquette

The business etiquette does not divide partners in gender sign, the general rules for all work here. The business etiquette means that the first should offer a hand to the one who is more senior on the status or on age. But, in case it is necessary to present the partner to other colleagues, men are presented to ladies first of all. Do not forget to tell the name and a surname and also to stretch the business card with the contact information is a part of business etiquette. The simple rules of etiquette including features of communication for men and women will help you with any situation to show respect for other person and interest in communication continuation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team