As correctly to the husband to live with the wife

As correctly to the husband to live with the wife

The family is a separate cell of society in which each member performs the functions. That the relations in it were ideal, men and women have to carry out the duties accurately.

How does the man have to treat the wife?

The man has to respect and protect the soulmate. When people get married, they promise to keep the love each other carefully. However it is not absolutely correct. The love is such feeling which or is, or is not present. To silly promise what you will not be able to control. But the respect quite gives in to control. The man has to listen to opinion of the spouse, care for her and also to make thrifty use of her.

The husband is obliged to be loyal to the spouse. Unfaithfulness will destroy family bonds even in case about them there is nothing the soulmate does not know. The fact is that in case of matrimonial treachery, the man will feel sense of guilt. Because of this relation between beloved will become intense, and it can lead even to divorce.

The spouse has to listen to the wife. Remember that women share with the husband some information, the thoughts and own point of view not to listen to his morals, and more likely with the purpose he just heard about their ideas and experiences. They need to be uttered and if at this moment the husband begins to teach the spouse to life, hardly the family from it will become stronger.

What does the husband that the family was strong have to do?

It is known that women can not always make up the mind to any serious and responsible step. For this reason the husband has to support the spouse in her aspirations, but not discourage to any certain actions. If the wife seeks for self-realization, wants to find work, do not dissuade her, let she will feel satisfaction from the achieved objective. To keep cordial relations in family, the man has to accept any differences between him and his soulmate. Perhaps, spouses will have different opinions on any given things or different musical tastes, hobbies, interests. The spouse never has to criticize the choice of the lawful wife. If the man wants to become the correct husband, he is always obliged to be responsible for any, the word told them, never to lie the beloved, to help with everything to her and to give moral and material support and also to be sensitive and gentle. It is not necessary to think that after the wedding the girl does not need compliments, gifts and surprises. The good husband will not begin to be indifferent to the wife at all, otherwise he will just lose her.

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