As family life with the man is arranged

As family life with the man is arranged

To begin joint life always a little terribly. Girls much more often than men think of how life will be under construction that waits for them and as there will be real family life together. And she is suited really not easy.

The beginning of joint life for couple often is the real test. The relations are exposed to check on durability, and some do not pass it. The girl who is in advance ready to all troubles and is capable to adapt to new circumstances of life can cope with all difficulties.

The first one and a half-two weeks will seem the present fairy tale. The man happy with that now his darling will always be near, will begin to carry literally you on hands. He will undertake breakfasts in a bed, cleaning and preparation of dinners, for a while will become almost ideal elect, and you will rejoice every second to the moving. Unfortunately, the fairy tale will quickly end.

Gradually you will undertake obligations for the house. At first will give you pleasure daily to clean up the apartment and to prepare a culinary delicacy. The man will appreciate it and to thank for everything that you for him do. But also it will pass soon. To good quickly get used therefore darling will soon perceive all your efforts as something self-evident. The following test traps you in the psychological plan. Joint life is a constant presence at your personal space of other person. And kind of you loved this person, sometimes will be ready to give all richness of the world appearing alone. It is possible that your couple will meet in the household plan not at once, and some time together will get on difficultly. This time will be characterized by constant quarrels. It is banal the scattered socks, ware, untidy from a table, the documents thrown together with purchases from shop - all this will gradually bring you to boiling, and you, any more not in forces to restrain, will state all claims to the man. Despite all difficulties, family life, nevertheless, has the pluses. It is possible to see them, having avoided acute angles. So, having moved to the man, discuss obligations of everyone for the house. Thus you will be able to protect yourself from further quarrels because of the decision who washes the dishes today. Explain to darling as you got used to live. For example, one hour a day to carry out the need alone. Nobody will begin to take away personal space from you, It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell about it only directly. Do not allow life to destroy romanticism. Of course, over time you so to each other will get used that the relations will change, but nevertheless try to use the best efforts to delay this moment. At home you watch the appearance, exclude dirty dressing gowns and the worn-out slippers, accustom the man to purity and an order and also to their maintenance. Do not sit up in the closed space, try to leave more often at cinema, restaurants, to meet friends together and separately.

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