As for the man to remain a riddle

As for the man to remain a riddle

Mysterious women attract and interest men with a special force, with ease holding them about themselves. How to learn art of mysteriousness and always to remain for the partner seductive intriguing?


1. Even if soul demands, do not plow up it as a case before the man. Of course, you should not hide everything, it is an unnecessary extreme. But let some part of your private life will be unknown to the gentleman, contains "white spots".

2. Create an intrigue in an occasion and without. Tell the boyfriend what you supposedly understood, than he is especially attractive. Of course, he will become interested in interpretation of the similar statement, but try to fill fog, to confuse the issue – and delay the answer as long as possible. There will be nothing leftThere will be nothing left to the man how constantly to follow you, his thoughts will be only about you.

3. If you received SMS or the e-mail from the gentleman, do not hurry to answer immediately, kind of not you wanted it. Sustain some time - reasonably. And if business does not concern something really urgent, serious. Try to answer the phone calls evasively, vaguely, as if you are busy with something important and you cannot will focus on a conversation with the interlocutor. In this case he will with guarantee be lost in guesses and will be intrigued on all hundred.

4. Surprise your boyfriend with changes in appearance and behavior. As soon as he begins to get used to your image of the thoughtless curly blonde, cardinally change a hairstyle, straighten hair, paint them fatal black color and pick up the corresponding make-up of the vamp. Or in the middle of the dispute, a showdown arrange a striptease, involve the partner in ardent erotic dance. The effect will be stunning.

5. Unpredictability - too your trump. Interest in the young lady is lost if all is in advance known and surprises are not expected. Create them! Agree to go with the man to his adored soccer, and then refuse. Motivate with what was changed the mind mood not that. Perhaps, your gentleman will also take offense, but do not miss an initiative from hands: tell how you would like to sit with two of them, in silence, but not in the roaring stands, embrace and passionately kiss. Your extravagance will make darling conceited, will attach to you even stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team