As from the girlfriend to become the girl

As from the girlfriend to become the girl

There is it that are on friendly terms the guy with the girl long ago, have fun in one company, speak about everything. And everything would be good if one of them suddenly did not understand that it loves another not as friend at all. The situation turns out difficult and ambiguous. It is necessary to show somehow to the guy the feelings, and it is terrible to make it, it is unclear how he can react.


1. Also such option is possible that your friend himself also has a tender affection for you, but likewise is afraid to show them. If both of you beat around the bush long enough, your love can wither. It is impossible to allow it, think over several methods which can help you to break off a vicious circle.

2. If you meet only in the company of your other friends, approach the guy and suggest to go to the cinema somewhere together, for example. The young man, if he is interested in development of your relations, will agree with pleasure. And it already appointment! Will remain only to you carefully to it more courageous to be prepared and not to be lost, behave.

3. It is possible and to tell just directly that it is pleasant to you, and you want to meet it not as with the friend. In this case you learn at once, you can count on bigger or not. Of course, you can hear refusal therefore it is better to work more thinly, but some ardent natures do not suffer delay.

4. Having decided to apply longer option, try to be closer to the guy when you meet in the company. You start conversations on love and friendship, mention the famous movies where heroes at first were friends, and then were loving couple. You look penetrating in his face, in every possible way transferring thoughts of the love. They can express eyes much, not for nothing – "window to the soul".

5. Stop being "the guy". Replace clothes, do not put on wide trousers and shapeless sweatshirts. Now - only dresses and romantic skirts. You go to beauty shop, use services of the stylist-makeup artist. Apply its councils, look after yourself.

6. Look at the figure, shortcomings it critically give in to adjustment by means of a diet and physical exercises. Note the attractive lines and try to place emphasis on them. If at you the beautiful breast, clothes with deep cuts emphasizes this advantage, distracting attention from wide hips, for example.

7. Having changed a hairstyle, hair color and a manner to put on, you will precisely draw attention of the friend. The guy will think why you so changed, will begin to ask whether you fell in love with someone. Here it is possible and to hint regarding your lamentations.

8. Communicating with the friend, constantly concern him. These tactile contacts have to be lungs and kind of unintentional. Concern its brush, a shoulder, remove invisible fuzzes from his clothes. Correct his hairstyle, take away an eyelash from a cheek, wipe a ketchup droplet from a chin. It will be difficult to man not to notice in these actions of reflection of your feelings.

9. Ask it about the help. Complain that started shift, and most it cannot move furniture. If the guy understands computers, ask it to deal with your equipment. So you will closer communicate, than in the general company. Chances to tell about the feelings and to apply charms will be much more.

10. Men like to listen to compliments too. For example, you speak to him what it clever as perfectly repaired your crane in kitchen. What clever fingers at it, not to each person it is allowed to understand electronics. Sing the praises, admiring its figure when the man rearranges all furniture in your apartment. Your words have to be sincere, but differently and cannot be, for you tells your loving heart.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team