As genital warts at men look

As genital warts at men look

Genital warts at men are a symptom of the infectious disease caused by a virus of papilloma of the person. For the correct purpose of treatment the experts differentiate them from the wide peaked condylomas which are symptom of HIV, and flat, reflecting the sharp course of HPV in an organism.

The reasons of formation of warts on genitals at men

Genital warts, they are condylomas, develop at the men infected with the virus of papilloma of the person (VPP) at sexual contact with the sick partner. What was sex – vaginal, oral or anal, does not matter if sexual communication happened without condom.

At the unprotected sexual intercourse of a graze and a microcrack on men's body become a gate for penetration of any infections, sexually transmitted.

In process of activization of a virus in an organism the pathological formations are located on genitals and can surround an anus. They cover the man's penis completely or focus only on his head. The scrotum can be also "decorated" with massifs of thin condylomas.

What by sight genital warts?

Peaked condylomas are small oblong formations which formation is explained by uncontrolled growth of an epithelium. Their color can be light pink or differ from color of a body a little. The size of warts varies within 2 – 6 mm.

Single condylomas can be scattered on all inguinal area, but not a rarity are also congestions of the bright formations reminding by the form a cauliflower. The warts which were going to the uniform massif on any of sites of an intimate zone in medicine are called as Bushke-Levenstein's condyloma. However not always the man notices changes on the genitals. Microscopic flat and endophytic condylomas were found in some patients only on medical examination.

Genital warts are how dangerous to health of the man?

Peaked condylomas – bright sign of presence of HPV in an organism. Therefore at emergence of the first changes in inguinal area it is necessary to see a doctor. In the absence of timely treatment of a wart will be injured about underwear or in the course of sexual intercourse that is dangerous by development of precancer states and directly cancer of genitals.

At appearance of condylomas it is necessary to refuse sex life before the end of treatment, otherwise the warts injured in the course of the intercourse will be ill, itch and bleed.

Some men at appearance of condylomas believe that they were infected with a venereal disease. However this opinion is wrong. Genitals warts are both manifestation of HPV, and a disturbing signal of an organism of deterioration in a condition of the immune system. So, if condylomas covered a considerable part of the inguinal area, so there is a need for diagnostics and correction of the immune status. Besides the main treatment consisting in the use of antiviral and immunomodulatory medicines, laser or radio surgical removal of warts as cosmetic defect will be offered to the patient and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is recommended.

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