As guys meet girls

As guys meet girls

Before entering into the relations with the representative of an opposite sex, acquaintance is necessary to people, and it should not be banal, otherwise you will hardly manage to surprise the interlocutor and to attract in it interest.


1. Deciding to get acquainted with the girl, first young people mistakenly consider that it is very easy to make it. However, as soon as it meets her, at once there is a fear and constraint. Thoughts are confused in the head, and the young man sometimes hesitates to undertake something. The main problem consists in ignorance of about what it is possible to talk to the girl. It is very simple to solve it: at the first conversation take any, the topic interesting you, and begin your dialogue with the woman. Each of you has the whole treasure various interesting stories, but under the law of meanness, at the very beginning of acquaintance they a millet depart from the head.

2. The second, the question interesting some guys – with what to begin? Whether there are some phrases capable to attract interest of the girl? Yes, of course, such phrases are, but they will be senseless if after them no continuation follows. Any your first statement if it interests the interlocutor, has to flow in dialogue. And what it will be entirely depends on your ingenuity, imagination and sharpness.

3. If you dream to meet the love, remember that you should not leave the house with one purpose – to get acquainted with the girl. Yes of course, you make it, but whether there will be a result? As practice shows, the best acquaintances happen spontaneously. Just take yourself for the rule that at the sight of the attractive beauty, you need to give up her acquaintance, otherwise you can miss the chance.

4. Guys, though in appearance and rather strong, sometimes are afraid to approach the beautiful stranger, they risk to be rejected. Of course, to do something for the first time it is always risky, but it is necessary to try to overcome the fear. It is not necessary to think out to himself 1001 justifications on which you cannot make it, you should not put off the first step. All this will not help. It is necessary just to collect the strength and to try to carry out the plan.

5. Do not personify the girl with any deity. Some men at acquaintance tell such phrases as "the girl, you are simply magnificent, and I could not pass by". It is also not necessary to address the woman on "you", to call her "girl" and to use the word "get acquainted". All phrases with similar words are instantly filtered. Using them, you, most likely, are refused. Communicate as equals, you have to behave so as if you are familiar for a long time.

6. One more mistake of young men - the choice of the unsuccessful moment for acquaintance. You should not begin communication at the crosswalk or in the park late at night. It is better to choose for this purpose the most suitable time and the place. Try to be natural. Sometimes men consider wrong to touch the girl at the first acquaintance. Of course, at once to try to embrace and touch her for a waist is not necessary, but at the same time still nobody cancelled light touches.

7. Men at the first conversation sometimes use hackneyed phrases and compliments which need to be avoided too. Agree if the girl daily hears a set of praises, concerning the appearance, you will not be able to surprise with it her. You do not approach it with open flattery, and try to hook on it an interesting story which the pleasant conversation will follow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team