As guys treat the girl running behind it

From time immemorial men looked after women and tried to obtain their arrangement, however many modern young ladies are not going to waste time for expectation of the prince and begin to try to obtain the pleasant guys who treat such actions very ambiguously

Nobody cancelled the getter's instinct

Wishing to be pleasant to the guy, some girls purposely show the sympathy and in every possible way show an affection to the pleasant young man. Such situation, of course, flatters male vanity, however not always leads to creation of the relations of which the girl dreams. The thing is that the man by the nature the getter, prompts his instinct to it that it is necessary to fight for the woman, it needs to try to obtain, showing the superiority over other applicants. If the girl gets too easily, and if the girl herself runs for the guy, he not too strongly values her. Excessively active actions from the woman can frighten off the man at all. Then instead of sympathy the antipathy, instead of love – irritation will come, and the girl in this situation will inevitably suffer.

However from any rule there are exceptions: constraining and timid guys, it is difficult to them to improve the relations with an opposite sex, with joy accept courtesies from girls. In this case it is not necessary to run for the guy long, very soon he will become yours. Though here the instinct of the getter can unexpectedly wake up, and the young man will want most to achieve other girl to raise the importance in own eyes. Then the relations can end also quickly, as well as began.

How then to try to obtain the pleasant guy?

If to get to fall in love the guy, running behind him, it is improbable whereas it is necessary to arrive, if absolutely to do nothing, he can not pay attention to the admirer at all. Here it is worth remembering numerous female cunnings. Absolutely unreliable openly to show the sympathy, happens to appear enough at the right time in the right place, and he will show an initiative. For this purpose it is worth studying his way of life, to try to come for contact with people with whom he communicates, to collect about it information maximum. So, for example, to be pleasant to the guy who well understands cars it is possible to ask him for the help at repair of the car. Hardly it will be able to refuse to the nice girl. It will be already much simpler to build communication further. If the guy is engaged in gym, too register there. If you are already a little familiar, then, having met there, for certain will begin to communicate closer – common interests bring together. The main thing is not to press and not too to show the sympathy, show interest, no more. Well and, of course, wishing to be pleasant to the guy, you remember that men are visual – the appearance has to be on the ball.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team