As husbands learn about treason of wives

As husbands learn about treason of wives

The new novel always causes a large number of emotions in the woman and strongly affects her behavior. And the man can guess the event on very many signs. It is important to try to maintain conspiracy, not to give itself and not to admit.


1. The new lover is an adventure. And in his eyes there is a wish to be unique and unique. It to embody the easiest way — to watch itself. The woman after long communication with the man is able to afford to appear more often on eyes without make-up or with unshaven legs, the husband will not run away from it. The lover has to see her only in an ideal look. If the woman suddenly begins to watch herself, attaches great value to selection of clothes, actively looks after a face and a body, and gave it not enough time earlier, means it is possible to suspect that at her someone appeared.

2. With the advent of the lover the life rhythm changes. On treason time is necessary, so the spouse is late at work or spends much time with friends. Frequent business trips or the second work can also raise doubts. Of course, if she always came home late and constantly visited clubs, gyms and various seminars, then everything is all right. But if the woman stayed at home several years, and then suddenly began to show strong activity in external life, there is an occasion to think.

3. The most banal way to learn about betrayal of the wife is to check its phone or mail. Also often lovers correspond on social networks. Usually traces of presence of other man somewhere are and if to snatch the moment, and to glance in its correspondence, everything will become clear. Also her desire to hide some data can be sign of treason, for example, earlier it left many websites open that allowed to glance easily there. And now suddenly there was a conspiracy, everything is closed, passwords are removed. It causes suspicion too.

4. The emotional state also is sign of women's treason. Usually it happens two types: love or fault. If treason conscious, and between partners of feeling, then the woman feels happiness. Eyes sparkle, the smile does not descend from lips, it sings more often and laughs, feels excellently. This natural state of the woman, it raises doubts only if earlier the lady behaved more reserved and did not afford similar sentimentality. Sense of guilt eats the person from within. If it is shown, then the spouse is very irritable, constantly to be angry or makes scandals, is too captious and gloomy.

5. In the presence of treason the sexual behavior of the woman changes. She or refuses intimate relations with the spouse, thinking out excuses, or becomes very active, demanding frequent caress. At the same time it is possible to pay attention to its linen if all it new, graceful and sexual, means something pushed her on these purchases.

6. Men are not less sensitive in the relations, than women. And the main sign of treason which they feel is changes. They can be in any sphere, but if the woman behaves in a new way, something means not so. And any lady at appearance of the new man changes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team