As in a conversation to learn everything about the person

The conversation with unfamiliar people sometimes opens their essence from the first words. To understand that for the person before you, you need to put a conversation on the right track and to watch closely answers and reaction of the interlocutor.

1. Pay attention to movements and a mimicry. The people inventing ridiculous stories for maintenance of image of the cool macho or the popular beauty will be in the constant movement. He will jump up, swing hands, to speak and stumble quickly on own words. Covering a mouth with a hand, he unconsciously will let you know that he lies.

2. The person who is nervous at a conversation will give it constant shuffle of objects, pochesyvaniy to any part of a body (the psychological itch arises at nervous tension), a roving glance. If the interlocutor misses during the conversation with you, he will be rather silent, maintenance of a conversation from its party will be usual nods, he will look for occupation for entertainment, for example, to touch surrounding objects and to consider them.

3. Turn into the listener. Most of people like to speak, especially about themselves. But such opportunity is given infrequently, in a talk everyone tries to insert couple of phrases, having interrupted the interlocutor. Arrive differently: with a smile upon the face listen to outpourings of soul, maintaining interest nods of the head and the specifying questions. Most likely, your interlocutor so will be delighted to the listener that he will bring him, and it will give you about itself(himself) a complete set of information.

4. Ask so-called open questions. They leave to the interlocutor a scope for the answer that will help you. Do not kill a monologue, so you learn much more.

5. Support a conversation at its fading. For example, the interlocutor mentioned about something, instantly began to be sorry about it and became silent. You need to ask at once a question for clarification of details, without missing the moment.

6. Ask questions of family and friends. The relations with them can tell a lot of things. The respect and love for family, frequent meetings and joint trips will indicate to you that before you the reliable person capable of the strong union. The relations with friends will tell about what the person is outdoors. Clubs, bars and hellbenders speak not in its advantage. Travel, team sports and similar entertainments will become an indicator of the mature personality who found the place in life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team