As it is beautiful to declare the pregnancy

As it is beautiful to declare the pregnancy

Here you also waited for the main miracle in the life - pregnancy approaches! Remained things are easy: to tell this news to the soulmate. And not just to report, and to make it beautifully and creatively that it was remembered.

Calm down and relax! Include imagination. It is unusually possible to declare the pregnancy in two ways:


Buy in shop of children's goods of a bootee of neutral color (you do not know yet who you will have: the boy or the girl therefore color has to suit both floors). Pack them into a gift box.

In confectionery shop order cake with the volume image of a carriage, a small palm or the Piglet, and can just pregnant girl. The price of similar cake varies depending on complexity of the work.

Make an easy romantic dinner. Put on a beautiful dress in which you most often received compliments from the man. Style hair and make a make-up as if you gather for an appointment. When the man comes home from work, greet its mysterious with a smile. Do not hurry to reveal all secrets immediately! Let at first will make toilet after the difficult working day. At supper stretch it the bootees hidden in a gift box. In advance think up phrases with which you will present a gift. For example: "Darling, I want to give you a present, but you will be able to see it only in several months. To brighten up to you expectation of a surprise, I give you this!". And when he will see bootees, it is possible to tell: "I am pregnant!". Further cake and considering of plans for the future will follow.


You can declare pregnancy, using clothes or own stomach. It is possible to order a t-shirt with the image of the child and an inscription: "I will live here so far, you agree? Not for long, 9 months only!" in the firm which is engaged in the translation of images on fabric. The inscription can be any, experts will prompt to you. If the option with a t-shirt does not suit you, make a ridiculous inscription directly at yourself on a stomach. It is called a face painting. Experts use safe paints for skin. But, if you have an allergy, it is better to refuse a similar invention. It is also possible to play the man. Meet him after work in a wrinkled pajamas and with a mad hairstyle. With the fearful glance report in a whisper: "Darling, seems to me, in me someone was installed!". Wait for response and with laughter hand the test for pregnancy. "This someone our kid! I congratulate, you will become a father!". In general, options it is beautiful and unusual to declare much the pregnancy. It is enough to show a little imagination or humour. Experiment! Your partner by all means will estimate your efforts!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team