As it is beautiful to make the girl the proposal

As it is beautiful to make the girl the proposal

Girls are sentimental and romantic in many vital questions. For them it is important to cast in the lot with the man who understands it. Therefore there is a set of ways as it is beautiful to make the girl the proposal not to disappoint her.


1. In nebesakhromantichesky walk in the balloon or the helicopter can come to the end by the highest category. Make the girl the proposal at big height. It will impress it and will push to the correct decision.

2. In restoranekrasivo it is possible to make the girl the proposal also in the traditional way. Invite her in expensive restaurant where live music plays. The fascinating atmosphere of the twilight and refined cuisine will create a basis for the successful termination of evening. The waiter can serve to the lady sweet cake in which she will find a treasured ringlet. This reception is often used at cinema therefore its romantic representations will coincide with yours.

3. On asfalteranny morning the girl will look out in a window and will see an inscription on asphalt with proposal. In the same place there have to be also you with a bouquet of roses and to shout of the love. Always it is pleasant to girls when all learns districts about her happiness.

4. In time can become a zavtrakakofa in a bed in one more way to make the beautiful proposal. On a tray put a flower and a box with a ring. When your girl opens eyes, her world will change forever.

5. On prirodepozvav the girl on the nature with a tent, you can not only spend romantic night under stars, but also make it the proposal. It will not be able to refuse the atmosphere of a romantic privacy.

6. At a moryasovmestny trip to the warm countries can become an ideal background for the offer. It will be most original to seal in a bottle the letter with recognition and a ring. Having played Robinson Crusoe's subject, you will make the beautiful proposal for darling.

7. DomaPredlozhenie, made at home, can be unusual too. Make of phosphoric paper of a letter. Collect from them recognition and paste on a ceiling. As soon as light goes out, your girl will see the most important words in her life directly over the head.

8. Through a fotoprepodnesita to your ladylove a photo album where the main events of your relations will be displayed. On the last page write a key question and enclose a ring in the file.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team